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[Commercial Law] Persil, Regime hypothecaire (+5 wks)
SIX WORKS ON COMMERCIAL LAW\n\n[1.]: [Civil Code, Mortgages] Persil, Regime hypothecaire, 1834\nFIFTH EDITION OF THIS COMMENTARY WORK TO THE CIVIL CODE ABOUT THE MORTGAGE SYSTEM, FIRST PUBLISHED IN PARIS IN 1809\n\nPersil, Jean Charles. Regime hypothecaire, ou Commentaire sur le titre du Code Civil relatif aux privileges et hypotheques. Cinquieme edition. revue, corrigee et augmentee [...] annotee pour la Belgique [...]. Bruxelles: Librairie de Jurisprudence de H. Tarlier, 1834 ([Bruxelles]: Ch. Pelcot).\n\n8vo, 236x154 mm, half vellum binding with marbled paper at boards, gilt title on a leather label at spine; pp. VIII, 368.\n\nReferences: IT\ICCU\FER\0098132 (6 copies). OCLC, 6077519.\n\n[together with]:\n\n[2.]: [Commercial Law] Pouget, Des droits et des obligations, 1857-58, 3 v.\nA TREATISE ON THE RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF VARIOUS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, INCLUDING COMMISSIONS ON PURCHASES AND SALES, BANK OPERATIONS, INSURANCES, ETC.\n\nPouget, Louis. Des droits et des obligations des divers commissionnaires, ou De la commission en matiere d'achats et ventes, operations de banque [...]: ouvrage suivi d'une table alphabetique de la matiere et de jurisprudence. Tome Premier [-Quatrieme]. Paris: A. Durand, Guillaume et C., 1857-58.\n\n8vo, 210x130 mm, half leather binding with marbled paper at boards; 3 vols out of 4 (first volume lacking); pp. XVI, 605; XXXII, 518; VIII, 835.\n\nReferences: IT\ICCU\PUV\0634303. OCLC, 9348897.\n\n[together with]:\n\n[3.]: [Labor Law] Ardau, I poteri discrezionali dell'imprenditore, 1940\nUNCOMMON ESSAY ON THE DISCRETIONAL POWERS OF THE ENTREPRENEUR IN THE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP\n\nArdau, Giorgio. I poteri discrezionali dell'imprenditore nel rapporto di lavoro. Milano: Giuffrè, 1940.\n\n224x162 mm, editorial paper binding, with title at front cover and spine; pp. 169.\n\nReferences: IT\ICCU\FER\0140250. OCLC, 912348980 (one copy in Spain).\n\n[together with]:\n\n[4.]: [Surety] Campogrande, Trattato della fideiussione, 1902\nTREATISE ON THE SURETY IN TODAY'S LAW\n\nCampogrande, Valerio. Trattato della fideiussione nel diritto odierno. Torino: F.lli Bocca, 1902.\n\n244x160 mm, editorial paper binding, with title at front cover and spine; pp. VII, 677.\n\nProvenance: Ink stamped ex-libris at front cover and at title-page.\n\nReferences: IT\ICCU\MIL\0324131. OCLC, 457250398 (one copy in France)\n\n[together with]:\n\n[5.]: [Mortgages, Italy] Giovanardi, Il sistema ipotecario, 1854-57, 2 v.\nAN UNCOMMON TREATISE ON THE LAW OF MORTGAGES AS IT EXISTED IN EMILIA-ROMAGNA SHORTLY BEFORE ITS INCORPORATION INTO THE KINGDOM OF ITALY\n\nGiovanardi, Clemente. Il sistema ipotecario ridotto a principii generali e conseguenziali per modo di istituzioni elementari: cento dissertazioni di Clemente Giovanardi [...]. Volume Primo [-Quarto]. Imola: tip. Galeati, 1854-57.\n\n4to, 228x146 mm, half vellum binding with marbled paper at boards; 2 vols out of 4 (here only the first and the fourth); pp. 842; 830.\n\nProvenance: Ink stamped ex-libris at both title-pages.\n\nReferences: IT\ICCU\MOD\0293672. OCLC, 963940440 and 963940439.\n\n[together with]:\n\n[6.]: [Commercial Law] Vidari, Corso di Diritto Commerciale, 1877-86, 4 vols\nAN EXTENSIVE COURSE ON COMMERCIAL LAW\n\nVidari, Ercole. Corso di diritto commerciale esposto da Ercole Vidari. Milano: U. Hoepli, 1877-1886.\n\n4 volumes out of 8 (only first, sixth, seventh and eight v.); pp. XI, 702, 11, VIII, 733, VIII, 664, VIII, 770.\n\nProvenance: Ink stamped ex-libris at front cover.\n\nReferences: IT\ICCU\LIA\0067136. OCLC, 912180364, 458546623. Bibliopathos
[Jesuits, Sources] Segneri, Opere, 1712
THE GREATEST JESUIT PREACHER: SEGNERI'S COLLECTED WORKS Segneri, Paolo. Opere del padre Paolo Segneri della Compagnia di Giesu, distribuite in quattro tomi come nella seguente pagina si dimostra; con un breve ragguaglio sulla sua vita. Tomo primo [-quarto]. Venice: Baglioni, 1712.4 volumes in 4to, half calf with gilt decorations, gilt letterings and labels at spine, yellow edges. Roman type, text in Italian on two columns. Portrait of the author engraved by Girolamo Rossi. Title-pages in red and black. The collected works and the preachings of the great father Jesuit Paolo Segneri (1624-1694), known as the greatest catholic preacher in Italy after Bernardino of Siena and Girolamo Savonarola: entire districts flocked to hear him. CONTENT: 1: Life 2: Quaresimale. 3: Il cristiano istruito nella sua legge. Ragionamenti morali di Paolo Segneri della Compagnia di Giesu. 4: L' incredulo senza scusa, opera di Paolo Segneri della Compagnia di Giesu, dove si dimostra che non puo non conoscere quale sia la vera religione, chi vuol conoscerla. Paolo Segneri (1624-1694) was an Italian Jesuit preacher, missionary, and ascetical writer.He studied at the Roman College, and in 1637 entered the Society of Jesus. He lectured on humanities for several years, and was ordained priest in 1653. By a careful study of Scripture, the Fathers, and the Orations of Cicero, he had prepared himself for the pulpit. He volunteered for the foreign missions, but Tuscany, the Papal States, and the chief cities of Italy were to be the scene of his labours. He preached at first in the great cathedrals, and then for twenty-seven years (1665-92) gave popular missions with an eloquence surpassed only by his holiness. His "Quaresimale" was read and admired by Antonio Pignatelli, who as Pope Innocent XII summoned the missionary to preach before him, and made him theologian of the Penitentiaria. Segneri's biographer, Massei, states that "Le Prediche dette nei palazzo apostolico" (Rome, 1694) won the admiration of the pontiff and his Court. References: IT\ICCU\NAPE\015669. Bibliopathos
[Notary] Rossini, Manuale di pratica notarile, 1884
<B>UNCOMMON NOTARIAL PRACTICE MANUAL TO PREPARE FOR THE REGISTRATION AS NOTARIES</B><BR><br><b>Rossini, Augusto</b>. <i>Un poco di pratica notarile per l'esame di idoneità necessario a conseguire l'inscrizione nell'albo dei notari aspiranti: manuale compilato a cura di Augusto Rossini</i>. Pisa: Vannucchi, 1884.<br><br>8vo, 234x150 mm, half leather binding with paper at boards, gilt title and decorations at spine, red colored edges; pp. XVI, 648.<br><br><b>Provenance: </b>Ownership ink stamp at title-page.<br><br><b>References</b>: IT\ICCU\MIL\0637009 (7 copies). OCLC, 824954298 (one copy in USA at the George Washington University Law Library, Washington). Bibliopathos
[Church, Forbidden Books] Mikropresbutikon, 1550
SCARCE EDITION OF APOCRYPHAL TEXTS OF THE CHURCH OF THE ORIGINS[Henrich Petri]. Μικροπρεσβυτικον vetervm qvorvndam breuium theologorum, sive Episcoporum sive Presbyterorum aut sacri ordinis aliorum, qui aut tempore apostolorum aut non multo post vixerunt elenchus. Basel, Henrich Petri, 1550. Folio, unbound, preserved in an elegant cloth, pp. [xviii], 662.Woodcut printer's device at tile-page and last leaf.Scarce first and only edition of this collection of apocryphal texts of the Church of the origins.Heinrich Petri, the brave typographer that printed Copernicus scandalous book in 1543, is the author of this collection that «contains 32 works, most of them hitherto unpublished, by early pre-Christian and Christian authors including the letters of Ignatius and Dionysius the Aeropagite whose authenticity is not questioned, the letters of Martial, Philo's Antiquitates biblicae, Athenagoras' De mortuorum resurrectione, Ratramnus' De corpore et sanguine Domini and The Testaments of the twelve Patriarchs in the traslation of Robert Grosseteste. In 1555 Petri published the first edition of Ortodoxographa which included all the writings published in the Mikropresbutikon with new 44 texts added [...] Although none of these collections were intended as manuals of any sort, they were obviously published with the aim of helping theologians see a different, less confessionally oriented aspect of the Early Church, and of showing its links with pagan culture and civilisation» (Backus).The book was obviously put in the Index of Forbidden Books.Van Liere: «The literature of Church history exploded in the Renaissance and Reformation. Ancient, medieval, and modern Church histories, martyrologies, collective biographies, and liturgies went through the press, some of theme numerous times. New forms of Church historical literature also took shape. Beginning with Flacius Illyricus, Lutherans, Calvinists, and Catholics drew up guides to the literature of the Church, some of which included extensive bibliographies of published and unpublished sources as well as hermeneutical suggestions about to read them. A vaste range of apocryphal and pseudepigraphical texts -such as those included in the Basel collections Mikropresbutikon (1550) and Monumenta S. patrum ortodoxographa (1569)- expanded ideas about what the early Church had really been like».Provenance: A small inscription in hebrew type at title-page. References: Not appeared on the market in the last century. IT\ICCU\BVEE\008860. OCLC, 64305725. Katherine Van Liere,Simon Ditchfield,Howard Louthan (editors), Sacred History: Uses of the Christian Past in the Renaissance World, Oxford University Press, 2012, p. 7. Irena Dorota Backus, Historical Method and Confessional Identity in the Era of the Reformation (1378-1615), Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2003, p. 254. Bibliopathos
[French Law] Paillet, Civil, commercial, criminal, 1833
FIRST EDITION OF PAILLIET'S HANDBOOK OF FRENCH CIVIL, COMMERCIAL AND CRIMINAL LAWAFTER NAPOLEON'S ERAPailliet, Jean Baptiste Joseph. Manuel de droit civil commercial et criminal, mise en rapport avec la legislation et la jurisprudence de Belgique . Bruxelles, Librairie de Jurisprudence di H.Tarlier, 1833.Two volumes, 4to (238x154 mm), half calf binding on marbled paper (lightly worn), four raised bands spine with gilt decoration and titles, edges colored in yellow ink, pp. [4], 282, [4],VIII, 132,VII, [1, blank], 108, 116, IV, 116, 4 at first volume, pp. [4], XXX, LXIV, 719, [1, blank], XV, [3] at second, text on two columns.First edition of Pailliet's Manual of French Civil, Criminal and Commercial Law, with the related procedures. The manual is integrated by an History of the Law since Roman time to 1830, and by the Belgian Constitution.Jean Baptiste Joseph Pailliet (1789-1861) was a lawyer at the Royal Court in Orleans. He wrote many juridical treatise, especially in the area of Civil Law. References: OCLC 5828236. Bibliopathos
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