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Treadway Toomey Gallery hold numerous highly publicized auctions each year in Chicago. The quality and scope of our 20th Century events establishes us as one of the world's leading showcase for American Arts & Crafts and 1950s decorative art.

Museums, institutions, advanced collectors and major dealers worldwide rely on Treadway Toomey Gallery expertise in 20th Century American and European Decorative Art. People seeking answers routinely look to Treadway Toomey Gallery for a range of exceptional professional services.

Established in the auction business since 1981 in Cincinnati, the Treadway Gallery serves as headquarters for an internationally-attended auction series focused on 20th Century Decorative Art.

Treadway Toomey Gallery expertise has been honed from 37 years in the art and antique business. Treadway Gallery works closely with The John Toomey Gallery of Oak Park, Illinois. Together as specialists in 20th Century design - specifically the emerging decorative art of the 1950s. Consultations Whether you want Treadway Toomey Gallerys expertise regarding the purchase of an object to add to your collection or you want their assistance with the sale of a single piece or an entire collection, Don Treadway, John Toomey, and their respective staffs are readily available for consultation. Appraisal Services Treadway Toomey Gallery accurately appraise objects for insurance purposes or to comply with IRS declarations of tax-deductible gifts.

Objects and their makers are researched and identified so they may be understood in their correct historical context. Both galleries specialize in American ceramics, metalwork, lighting and furniture of the 20th Century including Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and 1950s/Modern. Treadway Toomey Gallery are equally knowledgeable in European decorative art as well as European and American paintings. Private Sales Treadway Toomey Gallery sell privately as well as through auction. They are often offered objects to liquidate privately. Let Treadway Toomey Gallery know your interests, and they will be happy to utilize their experience and resources to help build your collection. Treadway Toomey Gallery guarantee all of our merchandise. Consignments Treadway Toomey Gallery are always interested in consignments for any of our highly visible public auctions or for private placement. You can take advantage of one of the largest and best client bases in the industry, one built over these 37 years. Treadway Toomey Gallery catalogs are the finest in the business, their commissions are competitive, and payment is prompt. Treadway Toomey Gallery can easily arrange transportation worldwide in a safe and efficient manner. Let them take care of the details.

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Treadway Gallery
2029 Madison Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
T: 513.321.6742
F: 513.871.7722
John Toomey Gallery
818 North Boulevard
Oak Park, Illinois 60301
T: 708.383.5234
F: 708.383.4828