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Back Alley Waterway
A serene oil painting depicting a back alley in china. Carlisle Fine Art
Mountian Kiowi War Paint
A bold graphic depiction a an Indian with war paint. The frame is hand-made by the artist Carlisle Fine Art
Thomas Blinks On The Scent
A dynamic 19th Century watercolor depicting a large group of honds hot on the scent of their prey. This fabulous work is signed t. Blinks (Thomas Blinks British 1860-1912) lower left, and displayed Carlisle Fine Art
James Gale Tyler (American1855-1931) Crashing Waves Antique Oil
A powerful antique oil painting depicting waves violently crashing on jagged rocks by James Gale Tyler. Note the sea gull cursing just a few inches above the surf. Carlisle Fine Art
Low Tide
A fabulous antique oil painting on board, of a french school â??Ship at low tideâ?? this marvelous piece is displayed in itâ??s original gold leaf frame with corner decorations. Carlisle Fine Art
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