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Sterling Indian vintage ring/ sapphire eyes
Sterling American Indian ring with headdress/ enamelled and sapphire brilliant eyes /about size 11 1/2 Captain Ahabs Antiques
N. African trilobite
North African trilobite in mottled brown as found in the rock matrix. Trilobite is about 2 3/4 Captain Ahabs Antiques
Meerschaum pipe/vintge gents head
Antique meerschaum pipe with fine patina /yellow stem in amber tone- figural mans head smoking pipe Captain Ahabs Antiques
Sterling amethyst ring
Sterling amethyst marcasite ring with double matching amethysts in deep purple color /size 8 1/4 Captain Ahabs Antiques
Ganesh Tibetan dragon stake
Metal statue of Ganesh, dragon - Tibetan spirit stake for tent - used to keep evil spirits at bay - metal is bronze with nickel overlay- nice detail - about 8 1/2 inches . Condition is excellent. Captain Ahabs Antiques
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