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USA-CALIFORNIE. PARIS. Action de F10. black. No 5. Several companies were formed in Paris (and London) to mine gold in the new California fields, and to encourage men to emigrate to the mines. The shares of only a few are known. Almost none of these companies survived more than a year of two. 1850 Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
PLEASE NOTE: This lot only to be offered as a single item if lot 1359 does not sell 18 January 1929 LONDON. Share Warrant for 10 Shares of £1. red, black. No 5042. Text in English and French. Vignette of two women with Hermes and several goods at the top, woman with little angel at the bottom. A Waterlow print. Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
BELGIUM-ANTWERPEN. Aandeel van 1000 Gulden. black. #6000. No 1080. Folds. The company was formed in 1723 by wealthy Flemish businessmen on the initiative of the Austrian Kaiser Karl VI, who wanted to establish an independent colonial policy. It was formed for 30 years, and was given the right to trade with the East and West Indies. The initial capital was 6.000.000 florins, divided into 6.000 shares of 1.000 florins, and these were over-subscribed by 11 a.m. on the morning they went on sale! The company's trading was extremely successful, paying dividends of more than 11.000.000 florins to its shareholders in the first year of its existence. Its success was its misfortune, since the great trading powers - England, Holland and France - felt their position to be menaced; they threatened war. Under the terms of the Treaty of Vienna, in 1731, the company was liquidated. This was part of the deal under which the three powers accepted that the Habsburg throne of Austria was available to Maria Theresa. The company had been sacrificed to the needs of politics. The certificate is attractive, with a copper-engraving of the arms of the company, including the Habsburg double-eagle. The initial payment on a share was 250 florins only; the certificate acknowledges receipt of this payment, and of the three later payments of the same amount. The signatures are those of leading Antwerp financiers of the time. One of the very first companies founded in what is today Belgium. 13 August 1723 Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
1917 PETROGRADE. 10 Actions de 250 Rbls. red, black. No 117241-50. This high denomination is not common. For story, see previous lot. Similar design. Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
1938 MANCHUKUO. Cert. of 10 Shares. brown, green, black. Text in Japanese, as issued in Manchuria (Northeast China) which was invaded by Japan in 1931 and remained a Japanese puppet state until 1945. Decorative border with large vignette of a part of the Great Wall of China. The wall is a series of 8852 km stone and earthen fortifications in northern China, built and maintained between the 5th century BC and the 16 century to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire. Although it is popular belief that the Great Wall can be seen from the moon, this is wrong: the maximum width of the wall is 9,1 meters which makes the apparent width of the Great Wall from the moon the same as that of a human hair viewed from 3 km away. Hence it would require spatial resolution 17,000 times better than normal human vision. Unsurprisingly, no lunar astronaut has ever claimed seeing the Great Wall from the moon. Therefore, we claim this piece of scripophily to be a much better and comparably next-to-unique way to look at the Great Wall. Indeed, we believe this is the only scripophily on which we remember seeing a (large) vignette of the Great Wall. On the company itself: founded 1938 with a (gigantic) capital of 350 million Yen to invest in various business ventures in Manchuria, e.g. road building, telecommunication, mining, electricity. Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
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