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Uppsala Auktionskammare was founded in 1731 and is one of the oldest auction houses in the world. Auctions have a long and solid tradition in Uppsala and the first auction in Sweden mentioned in written sources was held in 1639 in Uppsala.

Uppsala Auktionskammare is today one of the largest auction houses in Sweden with auctions of fine art and antiques. Since 1996, Knut Knutson, known from the Antiques Roadshow on Swedish television, is the main owner of Uppsala Auktionskammare. The market shares have since then increased. Uppsala Auktionskammare have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Uppsala.

Over the last decade the company has sold over 200 lots that have reached over one million Swedish kronor, many within the Russian segment, but also Old master paintings and Chinese objects. Our successful Important Saleshave attracted a lot of attention internationally. Uppsala Auktionskammare continues to explore new markets and segments. In recent years, sales of Chinese objects have resulted in many successful results for our clients.

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Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Russian and Asian - all under the same old roof
One of the world’s oldest auction houses, still in business, was founded in 1731. From December 5-9, Uppsala Auktionskammare will auction off rare objects from several important collections.
Jacob Jordaens, Fontana and a Horch 830 BL Cabriolet are the highlights at Uppsala Auktionskammare
Uppsala Auktionskammare's Important Sale is brimming with treasures from across the globe. How about a unique piece of jewellery by Lucio Fontana, a David Roentgen roll top bureau or a portrait by Rembrandt?
Four original Picasso's for sale in Sweden to be exhibited in London 4-6th October
Nothing big, just four original works by Pablo Picasso being sold at Swedish auction house Uppsala Auktionskammare...
All eyes on Uppsala Auktionskammare as they sell Teodolit Bayern
Uppsala Auktionskammare International quality auction on 9th-12th June will be a world sensation as the sale includes the von Siegrothska collection, in which a unique theodolite dated 1566 will be sold, the only one that has ever reached the market.
A Little Piece of China Trade History is Finally Mine
In December 2014, a unique collection of 96 gouache paintings were sold at Uppsala Auktionskammare in Sweden. They depict the multitude of individual vessels found on the Chinese waterways during the 18th century. Having belonged to one of Sweden's great naval figures, Fredrik af Chapman, they had quietly resided at his eccentric country estate Skärfva Manor, in southern Sweden, since the 1780's.

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Rokoko, Stockholmsarbete. Faststoppad sits, rygg och sidorna med lösa dynor. Mahogny betsad furu med skuren dekor. L ca 192. Uppsala Auktionskammare
Snusflaskor, tre stycken
Bl.a. sten, varav en agat . Kina, 1900-tal. Varierande mått L 9-6,5. Uppsala Auktionskammare
Ostämplad. Guld, 14K och emalj. Besatt med rosenslipade diamanter och barock pärlor. I form av orm. L med hängen 5,5. Uppsala Auktionskammare
Skedar, fyra stycken
Silver. En bregravningssked av Johan Petter Grönvall, Stockhholm 1824. Bär gravyren "Minne af Fru Lagmanskan Granschaoug född C.S. Jönsson död d. 25 dec 1827". En dopsked av J. Ekholm, Stockholm 1793. Bär gravyren "J. F. Löve J J Bartels geb. d. 20 aug. 1786". En kadettsked av Joachim Flodin, Stockholm 1828. Bär gravyren "M.B 88" samt adliga ätten Lannerstiernas vapen. Minnessked av Melchior Faust, Göteborg 1794. Bär gravyren "Minne af Mormors Mor 1803 Dec 1891 Jacob". L 17,5-22. Total vikt ca 225. Uppsala Auktionskammare
Sam Francis
”SFE 065/ I 88”. Signerad och numrerad med blyerts Sam Francis 30/66. Färgakvatint, 58,5 x 73,5. Något veckad i marginalen. Uppsala Auktionskammare
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Uppsala Auktionskammare
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