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Christopher Muller *(1966 Stade, Deutschland) Busy Harvest, 1991
Christopher Muller *(1966 Stade, Deutschland) Busy Harvest, 1991 Foto auf Diasec (C-print), Alu und Plexiglas, 134 x 170 cm Signatur Rückseite: Christopher Muller Bezeichnet RS: Titel, 1991-92, für Andreas, Künstlerexemplar Provenienz: Privatbesitz Österreich Christopher Muller * (1966 Stade, Germany) Busy Harvest, 1991 original photography on diasec (C-print), alu and plexiglas, 134 x 170 cm signed: on the reverse, Christopher Muller marked on the reverse: title, 1991-92, für Andreas, Künstlerexemplar provenance: private collection, Austria Austria Auction Company
Baule Figure Blolo bla
Baule Figure Blolo bla Ivory Coast H: 34.5 cm (approx. 1’ 2”) Estimated age: first half of the 20th century Provenance: French private collection Baule figures answer to two types of devotion: one depicts the “spiritual” spouse who, in order to be appeased, requires the creation of a shrine in the individual’s personal hut. A man owns his spouse, the blolo bian, and a woman her spouse, the blolo bla. A nicely carved female Baule figure with an elaborate coiffure as well as scarifications on the face and body. Wood with dark brown patina. Austria Auction Company
Mambila Figure
Mambila Figure <br> Nigeria <br> <br> The Mambila live in the region between Cameroon and Nigeria to the north of the Grasslands. <br> <br> In contrast to forged work, sculpture was a commonplace activity and devoid of much customary importance. The figures of ancestors, generally small in size, were of two types: simple pieces of wood tied together by fiber or anthropomorphic figurettes, the tadep, like our example here. <br> <br> Like this example, the stylized representation of a resolutely geometric design features a big head with a heart-shaped face and a massive body. A few of these sculptures have an uncommon expressive force, which comes from a contrast of forms and volumes as seen in our figure. <br> <br> The anthropomorphic figurettes called tadep were used in healing rites and to deter thieves. <br> <br> H: 46.5 cm (approx. 1’ 6”) <br> <br> Estimated age: End of the 19th century or early 20th century <br> Provenance: Belgian private collection Austria Auction Company
Rudolf Kedl
(1928 Stadtschlaining - 1991 Markt Neuhodis) Skulpturstudie, 1964 Tusche auf Papier, 74 x 47 cm gerahmt, Maß mit Rahmen 93 x 65,5 cm Signatur vorne rechts unten: R. Kedl 1964 Austria Auction Company
Karabagh Caucasus ca. 1880 9ft. 5in. x 3ft. 7in. Condition: good several repairs and reweavings Wool pile, wool warp, wool weft Austria Auction Company
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