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Lorenz Estermann
(1968 Linz) o. T., 1997 Mischtechnik: Öl und Tusche auf Papier, 98 x 61 cm ungerahmt Signatur vorne rechts unten: LE 97 Bezeichnung Rückseite rechts unten: Lorenz Estermann 1997 Austria Auction Company
Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier Dayak Kenyah, East Kalimantan, Sungai Boh Indonesia H: 34 cm (approx. 1’ 1”) Estimated age: early 20th century Provenance: Collected in the early 1970s; Old French collection; Private Austrian collection The Kenyah Dayak mainly populate the upper reaches of the Sarawak and East Kalimantan rivers. Possibly former forest nomads, they are strictly stratified into “noble, commoner, and slave” classes. They were warlike and conquering peoples, requiring enemies’ heads for ritual purposes. At first glance, the baby carrier (ba’) used by the Kenyah Dayak of central Kalimantan simply appears to be a utilitarian, though highly ornate, object that is functionally analogous to American “Gerry Packs” or the cloth slings that many people around the world use to carry infants. Indeed, the ba’ is both a useful item and often a piece of art endowed with supernatural properties that plays an important social role. According to reports from anthropologists who study Borneo and its people, the ba’ is often cited as a means for carrying children, highlighting its role of “guardian” of the soul to protect from evil spirits and diseases, and its specific style of jewelry representing a particular social class. Sungai Boh region. Made from rattan fibers, decorated with sound bowls from Java and shells. Austria Auction Company
Karabagh Caucasus ca. 1880 5ft. 3in. x 3ft. 5in. Condition: good Areas with low pile, few small repairs Wool pile, wool warp, wool weft Austria Auction Company
Mel Ramos
(1935 Sacramento) Collectors Ed. Tallulah Tucher, 2015 Buch mit Offset-Lithografie Aufl. 499 + 50 E.A. 80/499, 23 x 16 cm Zustand: gebraucht Signatur vorne rechts: Mel Ramos Austria Auction Company
Bruno Gironcoli * (1936 – 2010) Leuchtstab, um 1984
Bruno Gironcoli * (1936 – 2010) Leuchtstab, um 1984 Mehrfarbiger Siebdruck auf Papier, 47,5 x 63,3 cm gerahmt Signatur vorne rechts unten: B. Gironcoli Expl.: 35/35 Provenienz: Privatsammlung Österreich Bruno Gironcoli * (1936 – 2010) Leuchtstab, um 1984 multi colored silk screen on paper, 47,5 x 63,3 cm framed signed on the front bottom right: B. Gironcoli expl.: 35/35 provenance: private collection, Austria Austria Auction Company
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