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Werner Augustiner
(1922 Graz - 1986 Graz) o. T., 1980 Mischtechnik auf Papier, Maß sichtbar: 26 x 40 cm ungerahmt, Maß Werk 40,5 x 57 cm Signatur vorne links unten: Augustiner 22.12.80 Austria Auction Company
Klaus Pichler
(*1977 Judenburg) MASHED POTATOES, 2011 Fotografie in Farbe, Inkjet Print auf Büttenpapier, 60 x 75 cm, Edition: 1/5 (+II) Austria Auction Company
Wilhelm Diem
Kuss Mischtechnik auf Papier, 60 x 44 cm gerahmt, Maß mit Rahmen 73,5 x 53,5 cm Signatur vorne rechts unten: W. Diem Austria Auction Company
Khotan 12 ft. 2 in. x 6 ft. 1 in. Eastern Turkestan, ca. 1800 Condition: good according to age, pile partly low, few small repairs and reweavings Warp: cotton, weft: cotton and wool, pile: wool Provenance: Theo Häberli private collection Austria Auction Company
Neck Rest
Neck Rest Ethiopia H: 17 cm (approx. 7”) Estimated age: early 20th century Provenance: Austrian private collection Neck rests and head rests are personal items and status symbols that are widely used in Africa to keep the head and neck lifted up above the sleeping mat. The height, size, and stability of the neck or head rest are carefully and personally designed for the individual owner for maximum comfort. Durability is also an important feature since the owners frequently take the neck or head rest on their travels. In addition, neck and head rests also hold spiritual symbolism, as they are believed to link the owner to the ground. In some societies, they are believed to function as “antennae” to the ancestors, serving as a channel by which ancestors transferred dreams to the owner. Probably from the Hamar people in Southern Ethiopia. Carved from light wood. Simple, geometric lines and old patina. Austria Auction Company
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