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Banco Central De Venezuela Essay Banknote Proof Back.
Banco Central De Venezuela Essay Banknote Proof Back. ND (ca.1990-1991). 50 Bolivares, P-72 Unlisted Essay Back Proofs printed in red-orange. Proof of incomplete back design with title, borders and partially engraved vignette printed on white paper without undertints. No plate or die number is listed. Uncirculated. The final issue was printed by BDDK and not ABNC. Evidently this note represents a proposed banknote that was rejected in favor of the printer BDDK or ABNC was trying to duplicate the note for production reasons. Rare Venezuela production proof, ABNC. Archives International Auctions, LLC
State of Minas Geraes, 1928 Issue, Specimen Bond Pair.
Brazil, 1928, $1000 6 1/2% Secured External Sinking Fund Gold Bond of 1928, Coupons attached, Black on orange border and underprint, Allegorical woman on top middle, Arms at bottom, XF condition, Hamilton BNC. Archives International Auctions, LLC
Banco Americano de Guatemala. 1918-19 Issue.
Guatemala. 5 Pesos. P-S112b (2). 25.6.1918 and 22.5.1919. Two females seated at center. ABNC. Very Fine with stain at top edge, and Very Good-Fine. 2 pieces. Archives International Auctions, LLC
State of Connecticut
Hartford, CT. November 29th, 1780 issued in 1781 for £414, 16/-, 2 pence, Issued, POC in center, S/N 974, Issued to Samuel P. Lord of East Haddam, Signed by J. Lawrence as Treasurer, Light foxing and toning, Fine to VF, interest paid endorsements on back payable from 1782 until 1789 when cancelled. Rare loan document and one of the first ones issued mentioning the "United States". "Payable in gold or silver coins....after cessation of hostilities between Great Britain and these United States." Archives International Auctions, LLC
NY. PA. Western NY and PA Railway Co..
New York. Pennsylvania. Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway Company. 1895. Specimen bond. $1000. General Mortgage 2% to 4% Gold Bond. Orange border and undertint. Locomotive #210 on upper left with ornate title on right. No coupons attached. Red specimen overprint and POC's. XF condition. HLBNC. Archives International Auctions, LLC
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