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American BNC French Advertising Card
1920-30's. 4 page advertising pamphlet from ABNC for their French offices. Front page has ABNC eagle logo on to with text touting the quality of their work in French, inside pages have vignettes of Washington, Dom Pedro (Brazil), another old notable guy and an allegorical woman standing on winged wheel that was used on Czechoslovakia banknotes. Back page has a blue advertising note with Paul Revere flanked by allegorical figures similar to the ones used on the 1917 Canadian Bank of Commerce Series. Choice condition. ABNC. Archives International Auctions, LLC
San Juan Pacific Railway Co., 1908 1st Mortgage 6% Gold Coupon Bond.
California. Vignette of a train ( SJPRR No. 208 ) above the words " The Old Mission Route". The San Juan Pacific Railway was operative May 4, 1907 and provided rail service from the San Juan Portland Cement Plant to the Southern Pacific at Chittenden. The San Juan Pacific Railway was operating a seven mile line, the Mission Route, to San Juan Bautista. They planned on expanding their line to Salinas, Hollister and Watsonville. Archives International Auctions, LLC
Washington, D.C.. Washington and Georgetown Railroad Co..
Washington, D.C.. Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company. Specimen bond. 1895. $500. 6% Coupon Bond. Brown border and undertint. Quaint old fashioned street car on top. Coupons attached. Red specimen overprints and POC's. ABNC. Unlisted railroad in Cox. Rare and attractive bond. Archives International Auctions, LLC
Provisional Power of the Pribaikal Region, 1918 dated Issue.
Russia - East Siberia. 25, 100 Rubles. P-S1196 (2), S1197. Female seated at center of each. Nice and colorful. Bold overprints on back. VG to Choice Fine. Also 1 each of the non-overprint issues of Russia #40, 42. Very Good. 5 pieces. (The Pogrebetsky Family Archives) Archives International Auctions, LLC
Nevada Silver Medal from 1876 Exposition
Made from Nevada Silver Ore at International Exposition, 1876. Philadelphia. U.S. Centennial Exposition. In card pill box with inscription in pencil: "For [ ] from Papa, Oct 9, 1876" Wonderful grey iridescent tone. Proof like. Archives International Auctions, LLC
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