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Pair of Chinese Turquoise Porcelain Lamps
Mounted with gild bronze and candelabra, H. 11 in. Artstein Antiques Auction
An Ash-glazed Proto-Porcelain Jar in the Form of Hu
Han Dynasty (206 BC- AD 220), H. 10.5in. The Shoulder is incised with two bands of rings and around the neck is stamped with a repeated lattice pattern. A pair of ring handles with incised dŽcor is applied to the shoulder, all under a mottled olive-toned glaze and the lower part of body left unglazed, revealing underneath red body. Artstein Antiques Auction
A Green-Glazed Pottery Model of an Granary
the cinlindical body set on three crouching bear feet, divided by fourt set of grooves on the body, terminated with a mock-roof tiles with weave pattern forming the mouth of the vessel,fully glazed. Artstein Antiques Auction
A Jade Crouching dog in a Qianlong Mark Lacquer Box
D. 5.4in carved into a recumbent, its head resting on its forelegs, the skinny body articulated by ribs and a prominent spine. The fitted lacquer box carved in imitation of brocade with multiple patterns, on the top of the lid inscribed with four characters in regular script Qianlong Zhen Wan (ÒPrecious object of Qianlong Emperor Ó Artstein Antiques Auction
A Light Blue Glazed Ge Flower-Shaped Basin Song Dynasty
rising from a flat base to a ten gently curved petal-shaped lobes,the body covered all over in a rich and thick soft greyish blue glaze suffused with characteristic crackles in dark grey and golden colors, One the base there are six spur-marks, revealing a blackish biscuit. A Comparable example is from the Qing court collection and in National Palace Museum, Taipei, published in Guo li gu gong, eds, Ko Ware of the Sung Dynasty, Kongkang: Cafa Co., plate 18, 1962; 2 ) ;a closely related example one almost in the same size in the collection of Palace Museum Beijing, see The Complete Works of Chinese Ceramics, vol.8, Shanghai: Shanghai Renmin Meishu, plate 9, 2000. Artstein Antiques Auction
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