Widforss is one of Sweden’s oldest retailing concerns who since January 2013 has been collaboration with auctionnet.com. Their auctions are specialized in license required and licens free arms, edged weapons and curiosities.

Catalogues are online are published 3 weeks prior to each auctions and printed catalogue is available 2 weeks before the auction.

The weapons are shown in Widforss store at Fredsgatan 5 in Stockholm. Export of modern rifles and handguns from Sweden requires a special export licence. Widforss can in some cases under agreement in advance, assist with export licence applications and freight arrangement.

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(44) HAGELGEVÄR, italienskt, Bockhammerless, fabrikat Beretta, modell 682 Sporting, kaliber 12/70, tillv.nr E34691B.
Piplängd 71 cm. Utbytbara choker, stålfärgad baskyl, toplever, ejektor, träkolv med pistolgrepp och gummibakkappa. Widforss
(672) SABLAR, olika.
. 3 stycken, renoveringsobjekt. Widforss
HAGELGEVÄR, japanskt, Bockhammerless, fabrikat Miroku, modell 700, kaliber 12/70, tillv.nr 512191, se-nr SE1381402.
, piplängd 71 cm. 1/4+1/4 choke, blånerad baskyl med gravyr, toplever, ejektor, enkeltryck, träkolv med pistolgrepp och plastbakkappa, rembyglar. Widforss
(248) PISTOL, fransk, Halvautomatisk, fabrikat Manurhin, modell PP, kaliber .22LR, tillv.nr 25529LR.
, piplängd 9,5 cm. Laxat sikte, kolvsidorna av plast, läderhölster medföljer. Widforss
(94) LUFTPISTOL, tysk, Enkelskott, fabrikat Feinwerbau, modell 65, kaliber 4,5mm, tillv.nr 90611.
Piplängd 18 cm. Ställbart sikte, anatomisk justerbar träkolv. Frigolitlåda medföljer. Widforss
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