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U.S. WWII lot Dog tags currency etc
H-154 Miscellaneous WWII lot: (1) Dog tags for "LEONARD J. KEEFE". (2) Cigarette lighter with initials "L.J. K." and metal cigarette package case. (3) Three 3rd and there 13th AAF "patches". (4) Two waist belt buckles - Army (plain) and "LIBERTY - PHILIPPINES". (5) 10k high school ring (front emblem missing). (6) Souvenir currency - Japanese Occupation 10 and 100 pesos, Philippines "VICTORY". One peso (damaged), Netherland Indies 50 cent, etc. (7) 8 Catholic religions medals. (8) Miscellaneous. II Mohawk Arms Inc.
Imperial Prussian Cavalry Landwehr helmet
E-024 Imperial German Prussian Cavalry "Landwehr" officer's helmet. Solid black leather body has been restored. Large spread winged "Garde" eagle with gilt Landwehr cross on a silvered starburst. Gilt brass convex chinscales, front visor, round base/stars/round spike and spine. Both National and Prussian officer rosettes. Replaced new brown leather sweatband/silk "split" liner. II Mohawk Arms Inc.
U.S. M1840 Light Artillery saber sword
K-032 U.S. M1840 Light Artillery saber. Brass pommel and reverse "D" knuckle-bow/guard. Twisted brass wire missing from the leather grip. Clean 32" curved blade is marked "U.S. - J. H.- 1862". Reverse marked "Made by AMES MFG CO CHICOPEE MASS". Original finish with scattered gray-black patches. Two-ring iron scabbard has darkened. Has not been cleaned. A used Civil War sword with character. About II Mohawk Arms Inc.
U.S. Navy WWI hat diary USS South Dakota
S-8 U.S. Navy WWI “Donald Duck” hat and diary related to service on the USS South Dakota. Pancake type cap with a sewn on tally “ U.S.S. SOUTH DAKOTA”. Large navy blue felt star sewn on inside top with red, white and blue cross stitching (representing cruises). Lettering on tally shows some fading but overall cap is in very good condition. Diary has name of owner “Herbert Padeley”, Pennsylvania address and “U.S.S. South Dakota… 1st class Battle Cruiser”. Written contents include: comments from induction/physical exam on May 2, 1917, training, first assignment, sailing across the equator, arriving in Brazil, viewing French warships, shore experiences, life aboard ship, leave, torpedo drill, ‘Battle Wagons” at Hampton Roads, convoy duty – escorting about 35,000 men, mounting machineguns, listing ships in convoy, “Marine Leut. took my name for spitting on the boat deck”, “Sighted submarine dead ahead. Skipper changed course…”, “about 67,000 men in convoy…”, “torpedo defense – fired on target”, “near the Arizona”, “Solider on transport buried at sea…”, “…passed larger square rigger – Russian”, “…work over side…camouflaging…”, “Liberty…met some chickens”, “soldiers dead on transport, about \n\n twenty-five…from Spanish influenza”, eighth convoy “Armistice signed by Germans”. Diary continues through December 31, 1918. An excellent account of a WWI sailor’s life – with photos. II Mohawk Arms Inc.
German WWII Gold Wound Badge
B-079 German WWII Gold Wound Badge. Heavy type, retaining 75% of the original gilt finish .Reverse marked "L/63" (Franz Klamt & Sohne in Gablonz). Wide vertical pin. Scarce. II Mohawk Arms Inc.
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