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Lot of 2 U.S. Navy WWII patches CB Engineer
H-148 Lot of 2 U.S. Navy WWII embroidered "patches": (1) C.B. - Petty Officer 2nd Class. Blue on white. (2) Engineer - Petty Officer 3rd Class. White on blue. II Mohawk Arms Inc.
German WWII Army 4 year Service Medal
B-080 German WWII Army 4-year Service Medal. On a pin-back medal bar mount with a small eagle/swastika. II+ Mohawk Arms Inc.
Imperial Russian Cossack tscherkessa tunic
F-110 Cossack “hetman’s”, “tscherkessa”. Fine quality dark green fabric with an elaborate ¾” wide gold bullion piping. A center red velvet band is bordered by a pierced gold bullion “net” and a continuous overlapping relief gold leaf pattern. The entire collar, front, wide cuffs and outlined simulated pockets have this same decoration. Both sides of the chest have a 7 ¼” x 7” black velvet shield panel with eight cartridge holders – all heavily embellished with the matching red velvet/gold bullion decorations. One small Imperial Russian double-headed crowned eagle button is sewn to the lower neck area. Back of waist has two matching buttons and a period repair. Black silk lining. Very good. \n\n II Mohawk Arms Inc.
German WWII DRL Sports Badge medal
B-62 DRL Sports Badge - Bronze. 1937. Convex open oak leaf wreath/swastika holding a cutout "DRL" cypher. Wide vertical pin. II+ Mohawk Arms Inc.
German WWI aviator watch fob pilot
H-102 WWI aviator's watch fob. Interesting jeweler-made watch fob for a WWI pilot. Black silk strap with an actual gold loop/chain (marked "A.M. DOUBLL", "ST" and hallmarked)/snap hook and a gold panel base. A center gold band holds a blue enamel, gold bordered circle to which a gold winged prop has been attached. Exceptional quality. (Estimated value of gold content $250.00). I Mohawk Arms Inc.
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