DELON-HOEBANX auction house is located in the heart of Paris. The company was founded by two art lovers: Guillaume DELON and Xavier HOEBANX.

Guillaume DELON is the President and Auctioneer of the company. He worked for almost 9 years in one of the largest French auction houses, where he developed silversmithing and art research skills.

Xavier HOEBANX is the Associate Director. He worked in the finance departments of large companies before joining the auction house industry. Xavier has always been immersed in the art world, with his grand father having been an auctioneer in Paris.

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Timbres poste
Timbres-poste - Etats-Unis & Canada Collection de timbres-poste principalement oblitérés, quelques bonnes valeurs de la partie ancienne. - Delon - Hoebanx - 04/10/2016 Delon-Hoebanx
Albert ROBIDA (1848-1926)
Vieillard à la canneDessin signé en bas à droiteDim: 11 x 16,5 cm Delon-Hoebanx
ROLEX GMT Master «GILT». Montre bracelet en acier modèle 1675 n° de série 1595419. Mouvement mécanique à remontage automatique. Aiguilles «Mercedes» luminescentes sur cadran laqué noir. Index peint sur… - Delon - Hoebanx - 04/05/2016 Delon-Hoebanx
Déjeuner en argent uni et sa coupelle
Déjeuner en argent uni et sa coupelle. Paris 1824-34. Orfèvre: Sixte Simon Rion Poids brut: 384 g - Delon - Hoebanx - 24/11/2016 Delon-Hoebanx
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