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Framed Copy of the Sacramento Union Weekly Newspap
Framed Copy of the Sacramento Union Weekly Newspap\nDescription: Framed Copy of the Sacramento Union Weekly Newspaper from October 4th, 1873 Location: Auburn, CA BidCal, Inc.
2' Wire Mesh Roller
2' Wire Mesh Roller\nDescription: 2' Wire Mesh Roller BidCal, Inc.
Milwaukee 1/2" Magnum Hole Shooter
Milwaukee 1/2" Magnum Hole Shooter\nDescription: Milwaukee 1/2" Magnum Hole Shooter Location: 27 Freight Lane, Chico, CA BidCal, Inc.
(2) Rolling Carts
(2) Rolling Carts\nDescription: (2) Rolling Carts Comments: 38" wide X 28 1/2" deep, X 33" and 27" table heights. BidCal, Inc.
Two Ladies Long Dresses
Two Ladies Long Dresses\nDescription: Vintage Clothing - Circa Late 1800s - Early 1900s - Two Ladies Long Dresses 1. Item #1: Long Black Dress 2. The dress has a ribbon belt with a metal clasp around the waist 3. The dress has wonderful designs in the ?see through? lower skirt and sleeves 4. Intricate decorative beads sewn around the plunging neckline 5. Item #2: Long Black Dress With Blue Trim 6. The stitching is coming apart in places 7. There is blue ribbon trim around the sleeves and around the waist 8. The collar is tied with an embroidery design BidCal, Inc.
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