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(2) Barrels of Misc. Cables
(2) Barrels of Misc. Cables\nDescription: (2) Barrels of Misc. Cables Comments: Electrical cords Location: 4936 Bell Road Chico, CA BidCal, Inc.
150 Pickup
150 Pickup\nDescription: 1998 Ford F-150 Pickup Odometer: 148,532 Features: A/C, A/T, Reunel Bumper, Triton V-8 Comments: Starts and Runs, check engine light is on, missing tail light. Work truck in work truck condition, Rode Hard. This vehicle is owned and is being sold by a public agency (GCID). All smog related repairs and certifications are the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER. Sales tax will be collected by the DMV when you go to register the vehicle into your name. A trip permit will be required to drive this vehicle from the auction site and will be available for $18.00. VIN - 1FTZF1767WNB08844 BidCal, Inc.
Comforter 200 Heater
Comforter 200 Heater\nDescription: Comforter 200 Heater Location: 27 Freight Lane, Chico, CA BidCal, Inc.
Pallet of Holey Field Rock
Pallet of Holey Field Rock\nPallet of Holey Field Rock BidCal, Inc.
36" Backhoe Bucket
36" Backhoe Bucket\nDescription: 36" Backhoe Bucket Location: 89 Loren Avenue, Chico, CA BidCal, Inc.
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