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Art, Mirror and Vase
Art, Mirror and Vase\nMirror has metal frame and is - 13" x 8" Block art is fabric with wooden frame Multi-color piece is "Untitled Acrylic on Wood" by Jerome Hershey Vase is "Wony LTD" - 8"t Keller Auctioneers
National Door Hinges
National Door Hinges\n14 total, approx. 4"long, 2 styles Keller Auctioneers
#12 & #14 Hexhead Screws
#12 & #14 Hexhead Screws Keller Auctioneers
Vintage Shelves Lot
Vintage Shelves Lot\nBinoculars, birdhouse, tea percolator, more. All items hot glued to each shelf. One shelf is 59" long, the other is 54 long Keller Auctioneers
Fall Decorations and Fruit Boat
Fall Decorations and Fruit Boat\nMilk glass candle stick holders, plastic fruit in ceramic boat bowl, clear glass pumplin cookie far with lid, placemats, ceramic pumpkins and ghosts, stuffed black cat, in decorative cardboard box with lid Keller Auctioneers
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