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Vintage Crates, Baskets, and More
Vintage Crates, Baskets, and More\nWooden crates, wooden box, lock with key, and more Keller Auctioneers
Rings\nSterling with pink stone, 18K band Keller Auctioneers
Table of Glassware
Table of Glassware\nGarfield mug, Diet Pepsi glass, ironstone bowls, Irish Coffee goblets, tea pot, ice cream dishes, plastic blue goblet, tin, and much more Keller Auctioneers
Plastic Spray Bottles, Clips and More
Plastic Spray Bottles, Clips and More\nShampoo bowl sprayer and glass vases Keller Auctioneers
Rocking Chair
Rocking Chair\nGreen and brown wicker; cushions (2) Keller Auctioneers
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