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Two Boxes Glassware, Baskets, Camera, Cards
Two Boxes Glassware, Baskets, Camera, Cards Quinn's Auction Galleries
R.M. Yardley (America/New Hampshire, 19th c.).
R.M. Yardley (America/New Hampshire, 19th c.).\nPortrait of the artist's son, Ralph Waldo Emerson Yardley, at age 3 1/2, c.1887 oil on canvas. Signed lower left. 44" x 29 1/2." Significant wear to canvas. Needs to be relined to stretcher. Craquelure present. Quinn's Auction Galleries
Group of assorted camera accessories
Group of assorted camera accessories\nLouis Lefkoqitz Eldorado Deluxe EL-3; Dark brown vinyl camera bag with shoulder strap. ++ Gtraflex LM-15 camera mount for tripod ++ Gold Crest camera mount for tripod ++ Group of 7 Kodak and Ansco film canisters ++ Bestwell Optical Inst Co. Magnasight enlarger focusing sight. Quinn's Auction Galleries
Monumental Chandelier
Monumental Chandelier Quinn's Auction Galleries
nine (29) Pieces of Assorted Glass
nine (29) Pieces of Assorted Glass\nFive crystal finger bowls, hand painted salad plates and bowls and other assorted glass items Quinn's Auction Galleries
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