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TimeLine Auctions was launched in 2009 after having been active as TimeLine Originals since the 1990’s. They are specialized in Coins and artefacts of all periods and cultures.

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Natural History - Fluorite Gemstone Egg
An unusual gemstone egg carved from layered and banded green fluorite, with stand. 240 grams total, egg 65mm (2 1/2"). Extremely fine condition. Unusual material. [No Reserve] Timeline Auctions
Chinese Textured Greyware Jar
A biconvex ceramic jar with flared rim, ridged leather texture to the body and shoulder. 920 grams, 19cm (7 1/2"). Fine condition. [No Reserve] Timeline Auctions
Commemorative Medal Napoleon Lead Medal (Andrieu) and Three Electrotype
19th century. The large uniface lead medal of Napoleon Bonaparte engraved by Bertrand Andreu (1761-1822) with remains of paper label to reverse and offered with three uniface copper electrotype shells of Naploeon and French Revolution related medals. 645 grams, 140 mm (Andrieu medal). Fine and attractive. [4] Timeline Auctions
Bronze Age Bronze Flared Palstave Axehead
A cast bronze axehead with crescentic blade, bifacial body with flanges to the edges and corrugated texture. 314 grams, 12.5 cm (5"). Very fine condition. Timeline Auctions
Norman Coins - Stephen - Bury St Edmunds / Ascelin - Cross Voided
BMC type II. Obv: three-quarter facing bust with sceptre and +STIEFNE legend. Rev: voided short cross with mullets in angles and +[ACE]ONSEDMVND legend for the moneyer Ascelin at Bury St Edmunds mint. 1.27 grams. Near very fine for issue. Very rare. Timeline Auctions

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