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TimeLine Auctions was launched in 2009 after having been active as TimeLine Originals since the 1990’s. They are specialized in Coins and artefacts of all periods and cultures.

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English Milled Victoria - 1843 - Half Farthing
Dated 1843. Obv: profile bust with VICTORIA D G BRITTANIAR REGINA F D legend. Rev: crown and date with HALF FARTHING legend. 2.29 grams. Almost uncirculated, lustre, few small marks and small edge flaw to reverse. Timeline Auctions
English Milled Victoria - 1887 - Crown
Dated 1887. Jubilee Head. Obv: profile bust with VICTORIA D G BRITT REG F D legend. Rev: St George and dragon with date below. 28.22 grams. Almost uncirculated with prooflike fields. Timeline Auctions
English Medieval - Henry VI - Annulet - Halfgroat - Calais
1422-1430 AD. Annulet Issue. Obv: facing bust in tressure with annulet each side of neck with +HENRIC DI GRA REX ANGL Z FR legend. Rev: long cross and pellets (with annulet in 1st and 3rd quarter) dividing +POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE M and VILLA CALIS legends for Calais. 1.82 grams. Very fine. Timeline Auctions
Ancient Roman Imperial Coins - Domitian - Emperor Standing As
Rome mint. Obv: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VIII CENS PER P P legend with laureate head right. Rev: COS XIIII LVD SAEC FEC legend with Domitian standing left, sacrificing from patera over garlanded altar, two attendants standing right, playing lyre and pan-pipes before him, hexastyle temple in background, with wreath in pediment; SC in exergue. 10.84 grams. Good very fine. Timeline Auctions
Iron Age Celtic Silver Bracelet
A penannular bracelet with conical terminals; the square-section rod twisted along its own length. 7.79 grams, 64 mm (2 1/2"). Fair condition. Timeline Auctions
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