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TimeLine Auctions was launched in 2009 after having been active as TimeLine Originals since the 1990’s. They are specialized in Coins and artefacts of all periods and cultures.

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Greek Massive Gold Ring with Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra I
A substantial Ptolemaic gold ring, the hoop expanding to an elliptical bezel with inset garnet cloison, engraved intaglio jugate profile busts of Ptolemy VI styled as Neos Dionysos, and his mother, Cleopatra I, with diadem. 33 grams, 37mm overall, 14.60 x 21.49mm internal diameter (approximate size British G 1/2, USA 3 1/2, Europe 5.55, Japan 5) (1 1/2"). Very fine condition, garnet cracked and repaired. A large wearable size. Timeline Auctions
Chinese Watercolour Children Playing Painting
A watercolour painting of two children playing, calligraphic text above and three red chop seals. 545 grams, scroll: 176 x 61 cm, image: 49 x 49 cm (19 1/4 x 19 1/4"). Fine condition [No Reserve] Timeline Auctions
Post Medieval Russian Baptismal Icon with St Mary
Post Medieval Russian Baptismal Icon with St Mary Timeline Auctions
Byzantine Two-Handled Wine Vessel
A bell-shaped bronze jar with flared base, chamfered rim, two strap handles, band of guilloche ornament to the rim, incised vine image with leaves and bunch of grapes. 895 grams, 17cm (6 3/4"). Fine condition. Timeline Auctions
Ancient Roman Imperial Coins - Constantine I - Altar Follis
Trier mint. Obv: CONSTAN-TINVS AVG legend with laureate bust right, wearing imperial mantle and holding eagle-tipped sceptre. Rev: BEATA TRAN-QVILLITAS legend with globe on altar inscribed VOT-IS-XX, three stars above; mintmark PTR below. 3.01 grams. Near extremely fine. [No Reserve] Timeline Auctions
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