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Bid Network Online (BNO) is a cutting-edge online auction service, that aims make the most of bringing modern technology to the auction process. They combine a live, entertaining online auction with real-time interaction between buyers, sellers, and auctioneers.

Their main fields of specialism are art and collectibles, automobiles, property, and they also host a special bidding platform for charity auctions.

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"Three Jews and an Arab" (#CRFA00055)

"Three Jews and an Arab" (1995) by Andy Katz is part of a limited edition of 40. This striking black and white photo features three Jews and an Arab walking away from each other, perhaps symbolizing the political impasse at which these two groups have traditionally found themselves. Note the large amount of space between the two groups, also symbolic. There is, generally speaking, a long-standing animosity between Jews and Arabs. The reasons for this situation are complex and have a basis extending back to biblical times. Both Jews and Muslims claim Abraham as the founder of their religion, albeit through different sons of Abraham. Another, more recent reason for animosity between Jewish and Muslim people concerns who is entitled to the land called Israel or Palestine. Additional concerns also fuel tension between Jews and Muslims. For example, Israel exists as the first democratic government in the Middle East, surrounded by nations led by Sharia law or Islamic rule. Further, social concerns such as war and hunger, nuclear development, and control of oil and natural gas have caused difficulties. An additional common concern is the perception among many Arab Muslims that Israel is a friend to Western nations that are not viewed favorably in the Islamic world. Finally, the radical elements in some Arab nations have used violence against Jews in ways that have precipitated military responses from Israel. Read more

  • 62d 11h
Low estimate
700 GBP

"Black Ice" (#K3HDX6-1155)

10% Buyer's Premium Artist description: Black Ice is a heavily textured mixed media painting created by Los Angeles based artist, Jill Joy. It is a sculptural,  dramatic abstracted landscape that harkens to a trip Joy took to Alaska and her first encounter with glaciers. This painting is  part of a series called The Journey. Artist's Statement "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. -- Ernest Hemingway This body of work contains paintings that chart my journey over the course of 10 years as I openened new doors spiritually and creatively. During this time period I explored the mystery of betrayal and disappointment and its ability to open us to a more authentic life; the malleable nature of reality and how it shifts with our thoughts; the unlimited expanse of the ocean, both the physical and emotional; and last, but not least, the nature of love and change. This work is deeply personal and each painting is completely unique. The soul loves experience and asks us to take on new challenges. It takes a lot of courage to walk through a new doorway in life. But if you wait for the perfect time to do what you love, it will never come. You have to follow your heart and seize the opportunities that are meaningful. When we pursue what is meaningful we create beauty. Life is frustrating and disappointing sometimes, it is also beautiful and poignant. As we walk through these doors we evolve. It’s not always an easy process. But along with fear and uncertainty come exhileration and a sense of peace and satisfaction from aligning with our soul’s purpose and moving forward. To leave the doors unopened is to experience death in small stages while we are still alive. Read more

  • 33d 11h
Low estimate
1 400 GBP

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