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ULF SÄRNEGÅRDH. Inre landskap 406.
Oljemålning på pannå.Signerad. 260x210 mm. Connoisseur Bokauktioner
HANS STRIDH 1893-1957. Porträtt. Kvinnoansikte. signerad.
Olja på duk.Ramad och signerad. 490x600 mm. Connoisseur Bokauktioner
GEORGE DU MAURIER. Trilby: A Novel, first illustrated edition 1895.
Osgood, Mc Ilvaine & Co, London, 1895. With 121 illustrations by the author. X,447,5 (ads) p. Printed by R & R Clark Edinburgh. \nFörlagets dekorerade originalklotband. Publisher's blue cloth with gilt illustration on front board, gilt top edge and the other edges rough-cut.\nNamnteckning E H Britton (Commander R.N.) 1895. \nTrilby is a gothic horror novel by George du Maurier and one of the most popular novels of its time, Trilby is set in the 1850's in an idyllic bohemian Paris. Trilby O'Ferrall, the novel's heroine, is a magnificent half-Irish girl working in Paris as an artists' model and laundress; all the men in the novel are in love with her. The charming Trilby, an artist's model,slowly falls under the mesmeric spell of Svengali, a German-Polish musician, who trains her voice and establishes her as a famous singer. His power over her is such that when he dies her voice collapses, she loses her eminence, languishes, and finally dies herself. Connoisseur Bokauktioner
MATS WILHELMSSON. Anteckningar från Istanbul.
Fotogravyr. Signerad och numrerad, 25/200.180x120 mm. Connoisseur Bokauktioner
BURNHAM. A Hundred Thousand Dollars in Gold. How to Make it.
BURNHAM, Capt. Geo P. Published by W.J. Holland, Springfield, MA 1875. 407s. \n"A proctical narrative, suggesting. How to use it, and not abuse it; How to gain, and how to lend it; How to keep and not lose it; How to increase, and how to spend it." \nRed cloth, with black and gilt.\nFörlagets dekorerade klotband. Illustrerad i texten. Connoisseur Bokauktioner
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