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Signed and Designed is a specialist dealership that showcases the work of contemporary potters and ceramicists in the UK. It was established in 2008 by Alison Davey, the founder of AD Antiques, who has many years’ experience in handling some of the finest Antique Ceramics from the British Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco Movements.

Signed and Designed operates alongside AD Antiques, supporting the ongoing tradition of British ceramic art, and representing exceptional artists working in contemporary ceramics today.

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Heidi Warr Charger

Heidi Warr "Flight of the Bombus" Charger. A stunning Geometric Escher inspired 16" charger in an edition of 5. Artist's statement: Flight of the Bombus The Flight of the Bombus (Latin name for bumblebees) design is inspired by nature. I have created stylised bumblebees emerging from the centre of a geometric world. Bumblebees are intriguing to watch, busily going about their business with a sense of commitment and purpose as they pursue their goals. I was inspired to capture the world of the humble bumblebee. For the Flight of the Bombus design I drew inspiration from the works of Mc Escher. Many of his black and white creations involve a stunning level of geometric detail and convey a wonderful sense of movement. Those were aspects I sought to capture in my design; detail and movement. The Flight of the Bombus design is based on geometric spirals emanating from the centre of my hand thrown charger. Each flowing spiral represents the life cycle of the bumblebees as they busily track back and forth from their hive. It is incredible to see how committed they are as they work together for the common good. When creating the Flight of the Bombus design I utilised segmented sections alternating in contrast within the flowing spirals to convey a wonderful sense of movement within the piece. The Flight of the Bombus design is available on a 16” charger (approximately) and the design is limited to 5.Read more

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Heidi Warr "Passion for the Poppy" Vase

Artists statement: Passion for the Poppy The inspiration for this design originated whilst I was walking around a sculpture park in Yorkshire. The park had many wonderful works of contemporary art but it was one of nature’s works of art that left a lasting impression on me. A meandering path through the beautiful countryside gave way to a field of red poppies gently swaying in the warm summer breeze. I was captivated by the amazing sight of those beautiful red poppy flowers, their colour was just so vivid that they almost looked out of place in the landscape. Creative ideas came to mind with a flurry of designing possibilities filling me with excitement, but those feelings were tempered by the significance the red poppy flower has in our culture. The red poppy is a symbol of remembrance for those that gave their lives in the First World War and in subsequent wars. I felt that any design I created had to pay respect to that significant symbolism. I thought carefully about how I could create a design using stylised poppies in a way that paid respect to the significance of their meaning. Whilst researching the design I was amazed to learn that red poppies often grow on ground that has been disturbed. Sightings during the war suggested there were large areas of landscape that were baron as a result of the battles. The baron areas were juxtaposed with areas of lush red from the growth of poppies that had been brought to life as a result of the ground being disturbed. I felt that was the essence that I wanted to capture in my design, the polar difference between the baron battlefields and the colourful emergence of the poppy flowers. The geometric pattern I developed for the design symbolises the continuity of the earth, broken in places resulting from conflict. I wanted there to be a stark contrast in the design reflecting the landscape after the war, so I created areas of poppies symbolising remembrance and areas left open to represent the un-nurtured emptiness of those baron plains. Each design varies slightly in the application of the poppies. I also chose this special piece to use a new technique of carving into the clay to create the centre of each poppy flower to give the design extra texture and depth. On the base of each piece, I have used the very poignant words from Robert Laurence Binyon’s poem entitled For the Fallen: “We will remember them”. The title for this design is “Passion for the Poppy”. I gave the design that title because I think that reflects how dearly we hold the symbolism of that little red flower and all that it means. I have created the Passion for the Poppy design on my square tower shape 5” wide (approx) and 13” high (approx). The Passion for the Poppy design is limited to 4. The recommended retail price for the Passion for the Poppy is £2,880 inc VAT.Read more

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