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With more than 3300 m2, the Pennsylvania based auction house Morphy Auctions is one of the biggest in the world. But it’s more than just an auction house - apart from a showroom, the space also fits a restaurant and a 1850 m2 gallery. 

At Morphy Auctions they have specialised in collections new to the auction market, and ever since Dan Morphy established the auction house in 1997 they arrange around 25 and 30 auctions annually.

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(A) Scarce U.S. Navy Model 1842 Early Production Box Lock Percussion

This is a very rare model, with only 300 of these early production pistols were manufactured by N.P. Ames in 1842. Ames actually made this delivery of 300 pistols before the contract had officially been signed. This was the first percussion martial pistol delivered under government contract. It is often referred to as the "Box Lock" model. Round smoothbore steel barrel stamped "U.S.N./JCB/P" at breech and dated 1842 on tang. Flat beveled internal mechanism percussion lockplate with rounded tail section marked vertically "U.S.N./1842", center stamped "N.P. AMES/SPRINGFIELD/MASS." Brass furniture includes round buttcap with screw in center, plain triggerguard, and barrel band, finely-executed inscription "C. Washington/Pittsburgh" on top. Steel swivel-type ramrod. Plain walnut half stock. Very good condition, barrel has been cleaned and now retains a light grey patina with some dark spots and freckling, markings excellent. Lock retains a spotted grey patina and excellent markings. Triggerguard bent slightly and with a few scattered marks from use. Stock good with scattered marks from use, some wear, and a couple minor age cracks. Name Value Manufacturer N.P. Ames Model 1842 Navy Serial Number NSN Caliber/Bore .54 Smoothbore Barrel Length 6" FFL Status Antique Paperwork No Accessories, Name, Value, Manufacturer, N.P. Ames, Model, 1842 Navy, Serial Number, NSN, Caliber/Bore, .54 Smoothbore, Barrel Length, 6", FFL Status, Antique, Paperwork, No, AccessoriesRead more

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(A) Full-Stock Percussion Kentucky Rifle Signed W. Hawken.

William Hawken rifle from the famed Hawken family of gunsmiths. William Hawken was the brother that remained in the East while his two brothers Jacob and Samuel went west to St. Louis and began manufacturing the plains rifle that was their stock in trade for many years. William Hawken's shop in Hagerstown closed in 1840, and was taken over by John C. Hawken. William Hawken moved to Williamsport, Maryland, and established another gunsmithing business there. He died in 1885. This fine rifle features an octagonal rifled steel barrel signed "W. HAWKEN" on top flat, in block letters. Flat stamp engraved percussion lockplate marked "JOSH GOLCHER" in center, double set triggers. Brass furniture includes a four-piece engraved patchbox with classic pierced Maryland style finial. Silver oval-shaped inlay above cheekpiece, engraved with a detailed patriotic eagle. Full-length partially figured maple stock of Maryland form with carved name "J. COLBERT" left side of cheekpiece, two silver inlays on forearm. Wrist repaired during the period of use with two neatly inlaid copper bands retained by four screws in each, dark patina. Replaced wooden ramrod. Good to fair condition with dark patina on barrel and lock(possibly second lock), markings clear, some freckling around breech and bolster, scattered marks from use and period repairs. Brass is unpolished and shows some wear and scattered marks. Stock fair with about two feet professionally restored on each side, otherwise scattered marks from use and a splinter replaced beneath lockplate. Overall, a very attractive Maryland rifle by one of the famous Hawken gun makers.Name Value Manufacturer William Hawken Model Percussion Rifle Serial Number NSN Caliber/Bore .45 Rifled. Barrel Length 41-7/8" FFL Status Antique Paperwork No Accessories, Name, Value, Manufacturer, William Hawken, Model, Percussion Rifle, Serial Number, NSN, Caliber/Bore, .45 Rifled. Barrel Length, 41-7/8", FFL Status, Antique, Paperwork, No, AccessoriesRead more

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Lot of 4: WWI Battlefield Art or Sketch Books by French Artist Lucien Jones.

Lucien Jones was born in 1880 and died in 1947. He was one of the most prolific Great War illustrators, mobilized in December of 1914 and in February of 1915 he was awarded the position of "Military Painter for the Museum of the Army" in Paris. He traveled extensively along the front lines throughout the war and produced thousands of drawings, oil paintings, charcoals, and sketches. He traveled from Belgium to the Vosges, then he was asked to do portraits of military commanders such as Pershing and Foch. His work appeared in L'Illustrations, Les Annales, Lectures pour tous, and in Allied newspapers. Many of his pieces are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and at the museum of Fort de la Pompelle near Reims. One book has a hand drawn and colored cover titled "Verdun: Mars-Avril 1916" and features original charcoals, drawings, and watercolors of commanders, the front lines, and scenes around Verdun. The second album shows is titled on the front "Les Armees De L'Est" or the Eastern Army and front. This sketchbook also contains many original sketches and charcoals of commanding officers of several armies and scenes from the front. The other two are mostly reproduced images drawn by Jones, one is of the English Army, the other is Northern Belgium. All are in very good condition with some creases on pages, foxing, losses around edges, and some minor staining. This is a unique and complete group of WWI sketches by a well known battlefield artist.Read more

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Garde du Corps Cuirass.
This two-piece plate armor cuirass looks to have had the iconic black paint removed, but still retains the twisted red cord along all of the edges. The breastplate has a pronounced midline ridge and two brass pectoral studs to latch the shoulder straps. The cloth lining is still intact and shows writing and unit stamps. The back plate's leather waist belt and steel scales over leather shoulder straps are all intact. A large "3" is stamped into the wearer's left flank. The lining is intact and contains a very sharp label that reads "Gardes du Corps Hageau Leib-Est. Rgt. Gard. du Cps. Baffen Rr. 112". Condition (Excellent). Size 18"H x 14"W x 13"D Morphy Auctions
Pair Of Cold Painted Metal Palm Trees
Neat pair of trees. Well made with heavy bases. Very good condition with no wear. Condition (Excellent). Size 9-3/4'' T. Morphy Auctions

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