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With more than 3300 m2, the Pennsylvania based auction house Morphy Auctions is one of the biggest in the world. But it’s more than just an auction house - apart from a showroom, the space also fits a restaurant and a 1850 m2 gallery. 

At Morphy Auctions they have specialised in collections new to the auction market, and ever since Dan Morphy established the auction house in 1997 they arrange around 25 and 30 auctions annually.

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Wayne Model #60 Computing Gas Pump - Restored.
Pump has been professionally restored in Magnolia gas colors with reproduction globe and SSP signs. Includes a white hose and metal nozzle.\n\n(Professionally Restored). 78" T.CORRECTION: Clock face is modern. Morphy Auctions
Keystone Pressed Steel Greyhound Ride'em Bus
Beautifully restored blue and grey pressed steel bus with nice decals and hinged roof. (Excellent). 32"L Morphy Auctions
Unusual Lenci Pierrot Doll.
Long-limbed all felt doll made in Italy with original factory clothing and wooden lute accessory, Lenci button on back of jacket (overall soil). Very striking item! Condition (Good). Size 17'' T. Morphy Auctions
Marx Linemar Tin Wind-Up Professor Von-Drake.
Includes box, key and metal stick. Some very minor scratching to the litho, mainly towards the bottom of the toy, and the back of the head. Some of his hair is missing. Otherwise, the toy has Morphy Auctions

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Morphy Auctions
2000 North Reading Road
Denver, PA 17517

Phone: 717-335-3435
Fax: 717-336-7115