Established in 1823, Duke’s Auctioneers is one of Dorset’s oldest businesses. Duke's specialist auctions at their Dorchester Fine Art Salerooms are promoted internationally and attract buyers from all over the world. These auctions regularly include furniture, jewellery, ceramics, Asian art, silver and works of art as well as many other antiquities and fine art.

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Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi revealed to be bought by Arabian prince will go to Louvre Abu Dhabi
It has been revealed that the buyer of Leonardo Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi was an Arab prince. The purchase made history as the most expensive work of art sold at auction, and was also the last Da Vinci on the open market...
Saved by a silver cigarette case
This fascinating group includes an M.C. (Military Cross) awarded to a Lieutenant Frank Lewis Thornhill Barlow of the Welsh Guards, along with badges and a silver cigarette case which saved his life during the First World War.
Iconic Prime Ministers: Duke of Wellington's desk blotter and Sir Winston Churchill's cigar
The desk blotter once belonging to the Duke of Wellington and used by him for writing important government letters will be up for auction at Duke's of Dorchester, Dorset in October.
Heroic and impressive Second World War medals awarded to a ‘Dorchester Man’
The late Sergeant-Major Ernest Joseph Legg enlisted in the the Queen's Royal Regiment, Dorchester, in 1920. He went on to serve throughout the Second World War and was discharged in 1951 after displaying great courage and a fine example to his men.

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