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Could a 22 year old student's thesis transform the auction industry?
A thesis by 22 year old Kas Buunk could radically transform the way in which bids are placed at auction.

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Johann Christoph ‘Johan’ Windhorst Schiedam 1884-1970 Rheden The
Johann Christoph ‘Johan’ Windhorst Schiedam 1884-1970 Rheden The Andreaskerk, Katwijk aan Zee oil on canvas 50.6 x 41.5 cm signed lower right Annotatie: inscribed on the stretcher: ‘9/28 Kerk te Katwijk a/ Zee Joh. Windhorst’ and with a domain label of Paleis Het Loo, no. 936 on the reverse. Provenance: Koninklijke verzamelingen, Paleis Het Loo, no. 936; estate H.K.H. Prinses Juliana (1909-2004), Koningin der Nederlanden van 1948 tot 1980. The son of a Schiedam distiller, Johan Windhorst, at the age of 33, left the manufacturing profession to take up painting. In 1922 he stayed briefly in Katwijk aan Zee to take lessons, and whilst there also painted the local scenery. Landscapes and architecture dominate his oil paintings, watercolours and pastels. He also painted during his travels through southern Europe and North Africa. Windhorst also gave lessons to Queen Wilhelmina. insurance value: € 6,000.- starting bid: € 2,400.- Fischer's Auction
Pieter Florentius Nicolaas Jacobus ‘Floris’ Arntzenius Soerabaja
Pieter Florentius Nicolaas Jacobus ‘Floris’ Arntzenius <br><br> Soerabaja (Dutch Indies) 1864-1925 The Hague <br> The painter Carl August Breitenstein at work, watercolour and gouache on paper 35.7 x 49.8 cm, signed l.l. <br><br> provenance: collection Carl Breitenstein (1864-1921); heritage Breitenstein. <br><br> Floris Arntzenius trained at the Rijksacademie, Amsterdam, along with Isaac Israels, Willem Witsen and G.H. Breitner, whose impressionist style of painting he hugely admired. After a further year’s study at the art academy in Antwerp, the painter concentrated on making landscapes and city scenes. He only gained real success with his work when he moved to The Hague and began painting spontaneous impressions of the city’s bustling life, preferably in misty or rainy conditions. He painted landscapes, beaches with figures and portraits as well. <br><br> insurance value: € 15,000.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 7,000.- Fischer's Auction
Hendrikus van de Sande Bakhuyzen The Hague 1795-1860
Hendrikus van de Sande Bakhuyzen <br><br> The Hague 1795-1860 <br> Skaters on the ice, oil panel 40.4 x 51 cm, signed l.r. <br><br> provenance: collection E.F. Slaes-Cockx (art dealer), Brussels; private collection Belgium. <br><br> H. van de Sande Bakhuyzen was taught drawing by the landscape and historical painter J. Heijmans and painting by S.A. Krausz, who specialised in landscapes and interiors. Van de Sande Bakhuyzen painted mostly landscapes with figures and animals as staffage. He was a member of The Hague Drawing Society and in 1824 travelled to Belgium and in 1834 to Germany. His many pupils included his son Julius Jacobus, his daughter Gerardine Jacoba, his nephew Alexander Hieronymus Bakhuyzen Jnr, W. Roelofs, P. Stortenbeker and M.P. Bilders-van Bosse. <br><br> insurance value: € 25,000.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 14,000.- Fischer's Auction
Bernardus Cornelis ‘Cor’ Noltee The Hague 1903-1967 Dordrecht
Bernardus Cornelis ‘Cor’ Noltee <br><br> The Hague 1903-1967 Dordrecht <br> Fishermen on the Wantij, Dordrecht, oil on painter's board 29 x 55.2 cm, signed l.r. <br><br> Born in The Hague, Cor Noltee travelled extensively, living and working in Paris, Rotterdam and Bruges before settling in Dordrecht in 1937. He favoured impressionistic landscapes and town and river views, working in a robust and confident manner that earned him the nickname ‘the Breitner of Dordrecht’. Noltee studied at the art academy in The Hague, where his teachers included Willem de Zwart. <br><br> insurance value: € 2,400.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 1,000.- Fischer's Auction
Andries Verleur Amsterdam 1876-1953 Amersfoort
Andries Verleur <br><br> Amsterdam 1876-1953 Amersfoort <br> Sea view, oil on canvas 24 x 50 cm, signed l.l. and dated 1922 <br><br> insurance value: € 1,400.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 500.- Fischer's Auction
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