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Veritas Art Auctioneers

Veritas began through the gathering of a group of art experts with a solid experience both in the national and international art market.

The auction house focuses mainly on fine antiques and modern and contemporary art, simultaneously investing in thematic sales and looking for innovation beyond the traditional auctioning model.

Supported by a solid network of international experts, Veritas have established themselves as a safe platform to exchange quality works, following precise and excellency patterns.

Bearing in mind transparency and modernity, Veritas proposes to organise state of the art auctions that are able to foster a growing participation of newcomers and investors alike.

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The Battle of the Giants

It has been no secret that 2015 has so far been an excellent year for auction records. Christie's and Sotheby's have lead a race with new records succeeding each other. With so many records being broken, Barnebys has brought some clarity to the recent records race.