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WORLD ARTS AUCTIONS is an auction platform specifically developed for art collectors.

Their offer is focused on authentic artworks from Africa, Oceania, the Americas, and Asia. Based on the expertise of specialist Jo De Buck, WORLD ARTS AUCTIONS guarantees the authenticity of every artwork they sell. All items purchased through WORLD ARTS AUCTIONS are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

WORLD ARTS AUCTIONS is open by appointment to potential sellers and collectors.

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Zande Harp
Old instrument with an a phallic type of ending on the bow. The sound box is beautifully made and well preserved. Good patina on the bow from playing. Provenance: Belgian private collectionCondition: One plug and strings are missing. (comes with a base) World Arts Auctions
Lobi figure
"Alien looking" Lobi Bateba figure, a male fetish with cone head in hard wood. Grey, dry patina. Provenance: Belgian private collection Condition: Intact, some natural cracks (comes with a base ) World Arts Auctions
Han perfume flask
Well preserved terracotta flask, beautifully decorated with mineral pigments. Provenance: Ex. Stephan Grusenmeyer Gallery Belgian private collection Condition: Intact (no base) World Arts Auctions
Sepik figure
Old Sepik male figure with its original raffia rope for hanging in the men's house. Dry black patina from smoke. Provenance: Ex. Steijler Mission, 1935-38, The NetherlandsDutch private collectionCondition: the lower part of the legs are missing (comes with a base) World Arts Auctions
Lot of 2 small Lega masks
Two small light wood masks, rubbed with white kaolin powder. These masks are owned by the members of the secret society called "Bwami". They are worn on the body or put on fences during the rituals. Both have the typical Lega features with coffee bean shaped eyes . Provenance: Christophe Evers collection, Brussels Condition: Intact (come with bases) World Arts Auctions
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