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FRENCH ANTIQUES GALLERY is an organisation for art and antique lovers.

At FRENCH ANTIQUES GALLERY clients have a double guarantee: that of the expert, and that of the gallery that guarantees against all the pieces presented on the site.

This organisation has existed for more than thirty-five years, which is proof of its credentials and thorough understanding of the realities of the world of art.

25 antique dealers and experts are available to answer your questions in France, Switzerland and Italy.

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No place like home: Inside Château de Palayson vineyard in Provence
When Christine and Alan von Eggers Rudd saw the dilapidated vineyard Château de Palayson a stone's throw from the French Riviera in Provence, it took just five minutes for them to decide to buy it. Today, the couple produce award-winning wine at the vineyard and have renovated the glorious Château with a mix of French, Gustavian and modern pieces.

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