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Aste Bolaffi was founded in 1990, when it held its first auction of stamps. Over the years the sector has continued to grow with numismatics, posters, autographed documents, antique books, furniture and paintings. Now, with an experience of over twenty years marked by success and record profits, Bolaffi is considered one of the most authoritative names in the marketplace for Italian and international auction sales.
A tradition that goes back over 120 years

Even today, a brilliant sixteen-year-old who starts an original business venture and turns it, in time, into the most important company in the sector, would cause a stir.

That is what happened in Turin when, long ago in 1890, still only a boy, Alberto Bolaffi left the merchant trade of his family, a profitable business in precious stones and ostrich plume, to devote himself body and soul to his activity of philately. The philately passion and trade was later handed down to his son Giulio, and then to his grandson, Alberto.

Today, the Bolaffi, headed by Giulio Filippo Bolaffi – representative of the fourth generation of the founder family – operates in the entire sector of philately and numismatics and has extended its interest to every sector of collecting, even the most curious, niche sectors, always faithful to the motto “For us, history is a collectible object”.

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Roman Imperial Coins - Lot
Monete Romane Imperiali - Auguste del IV Secolo d.C. - Insieme di quattro bronzi di Elena, Teodora, Fausta e Flaccilla - - Mint: - Diritto: - Rovescio: - Non comuni e nella media di buona qualità - Metal: Ae Aste Bolaffi
Roman Imperial Coins - Geta
Monete Romane Imperiali - Settimio Severo (193-211 d.C.) - Denaro di nome e con l'effigie di Geta, figlio dell'Imperatore, databile al periodo 200-202 d.C. - - Mint: Roma - Diritto: busto drappeggiato di Geta a destra - Rovescio: Geta stante a sinistra in abito militare,a lle sue spalle un trofeo d'armi - Proveniente dalla collezione Barry Feierstein, asta NAC 42, Zurich 20.11.2007, n. 373 - Metal: Ag Aste Bolaffi
Monete della Magna Grecia Bruttium
Caulonia - Nomos databile al periodo 525-500 a.C. - Diritto: Apollo in cammino verso destra teine un ramo di alloro con la mano destra alzata; nel campo a destra un cervo retrospiciente sormontato da un anello; in alto a destra un daimon in corsa verso destra; a sinistra KAVL retrograda - Rovescio: incuso del diritto a sinistra - gr. 6,92 - Rara - In lotto con un Bronzo per Rhegium databile al periodo 270-203 a.C. (SNG Cop. n. 1959) (SNG ANS cfr. n. 255) - argento 400 Aste Bolaffi
EBERHART KEY-LESS POCKET WATCH, QUARTER REPEATER, FULL CALENDAR AND CHRONOGRAPH, 1900 CIRCA Four body “bassine” 18K gold polished case, n. 161819, dome engraved “Eberhard & C° Chaux de Fonds”. Shaped pendant and oval bow. White enamel dial, Arabic hour numerals, dials and windows for calendars and moon phase, subsidiary seconds dial, outer 0-300 chronograph division. Blued pear hands. Key-less movement, at-sight chronograph leverage with column wheel setting, lever escapement, monometallic balancers with screws, Breguet hairspring. Quarter repeater on gong with centrifugal governor. Diameter Ø: 55 mm | Weight: 116,8 g Note: to be serviced; small dents on case, soldered gong. Aste Bolaffi
Albert Einstein. Armando Testa
Litografia, 1979. Senza indicazione dello stampatore, cm 100x70. Qualità: B+ Aste Bolaffi
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