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Tupac Shakur Handwritten "Fuck Friendz" Lyrics

Excellent set of Tupac Shakur handwritten working lyrics for the second verse of the track "Fuck Friendz", written in black ink on 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of notebook paper. These lyrics are essentially the same as the finished, recorded version. In part: "I met u & stuttered in passion/Though slightly blinded by that ass/It was hard 2 keep my dick in my pantz/Everytime u pass/Got me checkin 4 you hardcore staring & watching/Me & u one & one picture countless optionz/Was if prophecy clear as day visionz on top of me/erotic psychotic when possess by bodiez..." . This track was released on Shakur's posthumous 2001 album "Until the End of Time", and features a "diss" of rapper and former Death Row Records co-owner Dr. Dre in the sixteenth line of the verse presented here: "...What's up in 96 find trix in drag/Fuck Dre tell that bitch he can kiss my ass..." Minor soiling and some chipping to the edges, unsigned, else very good. With an original signed letter of provenance (which has been notarized with others) from the recipient of the lyrics who was given them directly by Tupac in 1995. The two had met while both were recording at Can-Am Studio in Tarzana. They soon became friends, and on one particular occasion, Tupac gave his friend and fellow rapper a group of his working lyrics as a gift. Comes with a letter of authenticity from James Spence Authentication and a Gotta Have Rock & Roll Certificate of Authenticity.Read more

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