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PAUL VI: (1897-1978) Pope of the Roman C
PAUL VI: (1897-1978) Pope of the Roman Catholic Church 1963-78. A very fine and attractive Apostolic Blessing signed by Paul VI as Pope, `Paulus P P. VI´, one page, to a 3.5 x 5.5 small card, vellum, dated 12th August 1969, in Dutch. The Apostolic Blessing bears colourful printed ornaments and gilt, with a circular small colour photograph affixed at the head, the image showing Pope Paul VI in a head and shoulders blessing pose. The printed text states at the head ''Holy Father - On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the monastic vows of sister?´ Signed in bold black ink at the base. With a blind embossed seal to lower left corner. Matted in green to an overall size of 7 x 9. VG £250-350 IAA Spain
GARROS ROLAND: (1888-1918)
GARROS ROLAND: (1888-1918) French Aviator and Fighter Pilot during WWI. First to cross the Mediterranean sea by air. Signed 4 x 2.5 card, `R,Garros´, in pencil, to the verso of a printed visiting card of Antony Mars. Matted in black beneath a 5.5 x 3.5 photograph of the French aviator, the image showing a very young Garros with one of his monoplanes, to an overall size of 7 x 8. Garros died at the very early age of 29 when he was shot down by a German fighter pilot only a month before the end of the war. VG £120-150 IAA Spain
FLEMING ALEXANDER: (1881-1955) Scottish Biologist, Nobel Prize winner for Physiology or Medicine, 1945. A.L.S., Alexander Fleming, one page, 8vo, London, 5th November 1949, on his personal printed stationery, Danvers Street, Cheyne Walk, to Ellis. Fleming responds to his correspondent´s request stating `I have little opportunity of finding employment so I consulted my friend Sir Andrew Duncan who is incidentally a close friend of Sir Cecil Weir.´ further concluding `..he could not think of anything. But he has many interests. I hope something matures.´ A letter of good association. Overall, minor age wear, with small traces of former mounting, and few small file holes to the left edge not affecting the text or signature. G £400-600 Sir Andrew Duncan (1884-1952) Scottish Industrialist. Minister of Supply during WWII. Sir Cecil McAlpine Weir (1890-1960) Scottish Industrialist, Businessman, and a remarkable public servant. In 1942, Fleming went to see Andrew Duncan, Minister of Supply, intending to convince him about the necessity of a mass production of the penicillin, the substance which was starting to achieve miraculous cures. Duncan, impressed by Fleming´s report, called Weir who was at that time Director-general of Equipment, and told him `Fleming has been talking to me about penicillin. He believes, and so do I, that it offers immense possibilities for the treatment of wounds and of numerous diseases. I want you to do everything you can to organize its production on a great scale.'' IAA Spain
VIDOR KING (1894-1982) & WALSH RAOUL (1887-1980):
VIDOR KING (1894-1982) & WALSH RAOUL (1887-1980): American film Directors. Vidor being an Academy Award winner. Two signed 8 x 10 photographs, the images depicting King and Walsh in head and shoulders poses. Signed in bold blue inks to clear areas of the images. VG, 2 £80-100 IAA Spain
CINEMA: Selection of signed 8 x 10 photographs by
CINEMA: Selection of signed 8 x 10 photographs by various actors and actresses comprising Joanne Cassidy, Rex Harrison, Adrienne Barbeau, Vittorio Gassman, Richard Harris, Robert Mitchum, Lilli Palmer, Michael Caine, Lauren Bacall, Sylvia Sidney, James Cagney, Michael Wincott, Woody Strode, Claudia Cardinale, Estelle Parsons, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Geraldine Chaplin. VG to EX, 17. £100-150 IAA Spain
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