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TOSCANINI ARTURO: (1867-1957) Italian Conductor. Bold black fountain pen in
TOSCANINI ARTURO: (1867-1957) Italian Conductor. Bold black fountain pen ink signature (´Arturo Toscanini´), on an 8vo page removed from an autograph album. Signed to the verso by Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999) American-born Violinist with a good inscription in French, ´I do not deserve this space in this book, on the same page Toscanini has signed, but the Maestro Ciampi has insisted that I write here´ and dated 22nd October 1933 in his hand. Also signed in fountain pen ink by Marcel Ciampi (1891-1980) French Pianist. Some light age wear and very minor foxing, about VG. IAA Spain
EUROPE: Selection of vintage signed postcard
EUROPE: Selection of vintage signed postcard photographs, a few signed cards, A.Ls.S., etc., by a variety of famous European musicians, singers, actors, writers etc., of the early 20th century, including Alfred Grunfeld (with a brief A.M.Q.S. to the verso), Oskar Straus, Edmund Eysler (A.M.Q.S. to verso of postcard photograph), Ernst Hartmann, Laura Hilgermann, Lotte Witt, Alexander Girardi, Lia Rosen, Lotte Medelsky, Ludwig Ganghofer, Hugo Thimig, Hans Pfitzner etc. A few FR, generally G to VG, 27. £100-150 IAA Spain
VALÉE SYLVAIN: (1773-1846) French genera
VALÉE SYLVAIN: (1773-1846) French general and Marshal. A good set of two lengthy letters, the first being an A.L.S, with paraph, three pages, 4to, Rosenberg, 8th May [1807], to his wife, in French. Valée refers to his situation at the Headquarters stating in part `If all the people who think that it is a great advantage to be at the Headquarters would be themselves in the army, they would be able to judge and find much more advantageous and pleasant to serve in the army corps. You will not find bad yourself?and will have the advantage of being closer to Princes and Marshals..´ further saying `The favour is a reason for hate: while you have it people are flattering you, but when you lose it people hate you, even those you have helped..´ Together with a second A.L., three pages, 4to, Warsaw, 14th January [1807], to his wife, in French. The letter reports on family matters and is addressed to the fourth blank page in Valée´s hand. The second letter bears a tear to the second leaf, otherwise G £100-150 IAA Spain
FOLON JEAN-MICHEL: (1934-2005) Belgian A
FOLON JEAN-MICHEL: (1934-2005) Belgian Artist, Illustrator, Painter and Sculptor. An attractive first day cover oblong folding 8vo stiff white card, featuring a painting of Folon to the front. Signed and inscribed by the Belgian artist to the inside right page, beneath two post stamps showing two Folon´s paintings entitled `The Post and Men´, and `The Post and Technics´, with two ink stamps commemorating the event in Paris, 12th February 1982. Signed by Folon with his artist's signature `Folon´. Together with the printed invitation to the Jean-Michel Folon´s exhibition. VG £100-150 IAA Spain
WILD FRANK: (1873-1939)
WILD FRANK: (1873-1939) British Explorer. Wild took command of Shackleton´s last expedition when the last died. A.N.S., Franck Wild, to the verso of a 5 x 1.5 printed visiting card, belonging to Lieut. G. F. Baker, R.N.V.R, a naval British officer. Wild adds a sentence referring to him during the Trans-Antarctic expedition `Second in Command with Shackleton 1914-16´ adding also the date 16th December 1919 in his hand. Written in bold purple pencil. G £80-100 Commander Frank Wild went on five expeditions to Antarctica. Only him and Ernest Joyce have ever been awarded the Polar Medal with four bars. Wild served as Shackleton´s second-in-command on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition 1914-16 and Shackleton-Rowett expedition 1921-22. During this last expedition Shackleton died of a heart attack and Wild took over command and completed a very difficult expedition. IAA Spain
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