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[CHAGALL MARC]: (1887-1985)
[CHAGALL MARC]: (1887-1985) Russian-born French Artist. One A.L.S., `Madame Marc Chagall´, and two A.Ls., by Bella Rosenfeld Chagall, on behalf of her husband Marc Chagall, each of two pages, 8vo, Paris, December 1927, March and July 1928, the last being written at the hotel St. Aubin, St Aubin sur Mer, Calvados, to André de Ridder, in French. To the first, Bella Chagall states in part `Unfortunately Chagall is not in Paris at this precise moment. He is in the countryside, not far from Paris, he is working. He is not intending to be back until next week…I will be going with my little girl to meet him next Friday, in order to be together for the new year,….the address is as follows ''Montchaunet par Septeuil, at M. Guy. You must take the train to Mantes-Gossicourt, and then a bus.´ To the second Chagall refers to his Russian period, and lists also a small list of his French poets. To the last, Bella Chagall on behalf of Marc Chagall says `I am on the seaside…When are you intending to go to Paris. I´ll be back in fifteen days….I would like, if you agree, to give the chance to several Belgian and French writers to express their opinions on different aspects of my art…´ Chagall further lists a series of names of friends, with their addresses, and alongside the questions he would ask them regarding ''Art and Religion'', his first days in Paris, Chagall in Germany, and other art works. An interesting set of three letters containing the names of Chagall´s chosen close friends and artists to be asked about his art and former artistic works. VG, 3 £80-100 Bella Rosenfeld Chagall (1895-1944) Belarusian Writer and first wife 1915-44 of Painter Marc Chagall. She was the subject of many of Chagall's paintings. IAA Spain
LEHAR FRANZ: (1870-1948)
LEHAR FRANZ: (1870-1948) Austrian Composer. Vintage signed and inscribed 5 x 3.5 postcard photograph of Lehar seated, alongside his piano, in a half length pose. Signed in bold black fountain pen ink to a partially clear area of the image and dated 1929 in his hand. VG £150-200 IAA Spain
EDWARD VIII: (1894-1972) King of the United
EDWARD VIII: (1894-1972) King of the United Kingdom January - December 1936. Later Duke of Windsor. A good vintage signed 8.5 x 6.5 sepia photograph depicting the future King standing outdoors in a full length pose before a handsome open top car with a chauffeur at the steering wheel. Signed ('Edward P', as Prince of Wales) in fountain pen ink to a light area of the image and dated May 1920 in his hand. Some extremely minor, light age wear, mainly to the photographer's mount, otherwise VG IAA Spain
FURTWANGLER WILHELM: (1886-1954) German Conductor
FURTWANGLER WILHELM: (1886-1954) German Conductor & Composer. T.L.S., Wilhelm Furtwangler, one page, oblong 8vo, n.p., n.d., to [Oskar Walleck, in German. The conductor thanks his correspondent for their New Year's wishes, which he reciprocates, and remarks 'I can only say that I hope to work with you again as an artist', continuing 'I wish also for you that the New Year will turn out to be a most satisfying one, and that you will be able to carry your ideas through to completion to the full extent of your wishes, as is only right and proper.' VG. £150-200 IAA Spain
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Selection of signed 8vo pages rem
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Selection of signed 8vo pages removed from an album of the 40´s and three attractive signed printed 8vo menus of the 20´s by various Conductors, opera Singers and instrumentalists, including Felix Weingartner, Grace Moore, Alexander Kipnis, Charles Kullman, Bruna Castagna, Claudio Arrau, Yehudi Menuhin, Fritz Busch, Erich Kleiber (2), Conchita Badia, Maria Barientos, etc? Some are also signed to the verso. VG, 27 £80-100 IAA Spain
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