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FRENCH CINEMA: Selection of signed postcard photographs by various French film actors and actresses comprising Sophia Loren, Michele Morgan, Sacha Distel, Alain Delon, Gerard Depardieu, Pierre Richard and Martina Carol. All are signed in bold inks to clear areas of the images. VG, 7 £80-100 IAA Spain
THARREAU JEAN-VICTOR: (1767-1812) French General during the revolution and under the first Empire. Tharreau was killed during the Moskova battle. An attractive D.S., J.V. Tharreau, one page, oblong folio, Bayeux, 9th July 1798, to Sebastien Maillard, in French. An attractive leave with printed heading, signed by Tharreau in his capacity as Brigade General, Commandant of the Armée d´Angleterre (`England Army´), and countersigned the committee members, Generals Honoré Gazan (1765-1845) and Jean-Pierre Maransin (1770-1828), stating `having received a bullet…while fighting against the enemies of the republic..´ The document also bears a red wax seal to the upper left corner of the front page. Folded. VG £100-150 IAA Spain
DAVY HUMPHRY: (1778-1829) British Chemist &
DAVY HUMPHRY: (1778-1829) British Chemist & Inventor. Dark ink signature ('H. Davy') and several additional words in his hand on a slim piece neatly clipped from the conclusion of a letter. Annotated in a small unidentified hand to one corner and neatly laid down and mounted at the base of an attractive vintage oval engraved portrait of Davy. About VG. £80-120 IAA Spain
HAECKEL ERNST: (1834-1919) German Biologist
HAECKEL ERNST: (1834-1919) German Biologist, Naturalist, Philosopher & Physician who promoted and popularised Charles Darwin's work in Germany. A.L.S., Ernst Haeckel, one page, 8vo, Jena, 20th June 1913, to a lady, in German. Haeckel states that 'Your visit with the two grandchildren of Charles Darwin would be most welcome on Sunday' and confirms the time, further remarking that if she prefers another day he would appreciate knowing in advance. In a postscript Haeckel informs his correspondent that 'On Sunday morning, from 9 - 2pm, the Museum of Evolution is open to the public free of charge.' With blank integral leaf. VG. £100-150 IAA Spain
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