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"Abel Gance's 1927 Masterpiece" "Napoleon", the classic 1927 Abel Gance French Napoleonic War silent biographical historical military melodrama (about the life of Napoleon, starting from when he was a young boy, and carrying through to when he became Emperor of Europe) starring Albert Dieudonne (in the title role as the famous French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte), Paul Amiot, Annabella (in her first film), Antonin Artaud, Edmond Van Daele, and Abel Gance (as Louis Saint-Just). This film was the masterpiece of director Abel Gance and included "triptych" (triple screen) images that predated Cinerama by 30 years, and it is really a remarkable movie on every level. But sadly, it was a silent movie, and sound had just begun, and the movie was not successful, and Gance removed it from circulation and was thought to have destroyed the original movie. In 1981, Francis Ford Coppola financed the restoration of the movie. Coppola's father, Carmine, composed (and adapted other period classical pieces) the score that was used for the U.S. and worldwide presentations. This rolled (as issued) original US one sheet is from first year of re-release (1981) and features an exceptional painted portrait of Napoleon by Alan Talm. In very good condition this rare example displays superbly; very impressive. It represents a fine piece of collectable and sought after original movie memorabilia that is scarce in this rolled condition.Read more

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