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Art Coins Rome-ACR Auctions is a well-known name to numismatic collectors worldwide.

Under this name in 2011 the leading Roman auction house specialising in the sale of antique coins and medals embarked on a course that was to see the opening of offices in Munich and London, and to expand its area of expertise to include archaeology, ancient, modern and contemporary art and more recently to operate under the new name of Bertolami Fine Arts.


Currently, the artistic multifaceted structure of Bertolami Fine Arts includes:


• an auction house specialized in the sale of numismatic, archaeological and artistic objects; through live sales and alternative channels (private sales, selling exhibitions, shop on line)

• a planning office for exhibitions, cultural events, press office, and communication campaigns

• a cultural salon

• The Roman School Archive

  • Italy
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Exciting Asian lots brought to London by Bertolami Fine Arts
Based in Rome, Bertolami Fine Arts is one of the more exciting Italian auction house to discover rare and exciting objects. On 19 April, they will cross France and the Channel to organize the sale of a private European collection of Asian objects in London.
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Check out our top 20th century modern and contemporary art and design lots coming to auction later this month.
''I always run into strong women who are looking for weak men to dominate them.'': Women in art
''I always run into strong women who are looking for weak men to dominate them.'' - Andy Warhol
Making a cameo
Bertolami Fine Arts sale on 1st October will see ancient artefacts including sculpture, ceramics, brooches and gems go under the virtual hammer in an online only sale, a real meeting of the ancient and the modern!
Spend big bucks (or not) at Bertolami Fine Arts
More than 550 watches, pieces of jewellery and silverware will be going under the gavel at Rome's Palazzo Caetani Lovatelli, the headquarters of Bertolami Fine Arts.

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Giovanni Battista Salvi, detto il Sassoferrato
Giovanni Battista Salvi, detto il Sassoferrato Madonna in preghiera olio su tela 74x60cm Bertolami Fine Arts
Attingitoio in buccheroEtruria meridionale, fine del VII secolo a.C.
Attingitoio in buccheroEtruria meridionale, fine del VII secolo a.C. - inizio del VI secolo a.C.; alt. cm 15,5; Attingitoio in bucchero nero e lucidato a stecca, con orlo estroflesso, alto collo cilindrico svasato, corpo ovoide, basso piede a disco e ansa a nastro sormontante, impostata verticalmente tra labbro e spalla. Integro.PROVENIENZA:Collezione privata, Roma.In order to export this lot, according to the Italian law, you need to get the Export Licence by the Soprintendenza. Bertolami Fine Arts
MARCELLO DUDOVICH - Young avant-gardist, 20’2
MARCELLO DUDOVICHTrieste 1878 – Milan 1962Young avant-gardist, 20’2Pastel and watercolor on paper, 62 x 39 cmSigned upper left: M. DudovichIt is a 1923 propagandist postacrd scketch, created for the National Fascist Party and print by Edizioni Star, advertising and billboards company in Milan. Probably the party wanted to rely on of the greatest poster artists of the time for a propaganda with a strong emotional impact. This Sketch comes from the Maria Adriana Gai collectionMARCELLO DUDOVICHTrieste 1878 – Milano 1962Giovane avanguardista, inizio Anni ‘20Pastelli e acquarello su carta, 62 x 39 cmFirma in alto a sinistra: M. DudovichSi tratta del bozzetto preparatorio di una cartolina propagandistica del 1923, realizzata per il Partito Nazionale fascista ed edita per conto delle Edizioni Star, impresa affissioni e pubblicità di Milano, che ne realizzò anche manifesti e locandine. Presumibilmente il partito volle affidarsi ad uno dei più grandi cartellonisti del tempo, per avere un’opera di propaganda di forte impatto emotivo.Il disegno proviene dalla collezione Maria Adriana Gai, che fu figlia del ministro Silvio, gerarca anconetano. Bertolami Fine Arts
Modena, Duchy of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio, Ercole III d’Este (1780-1796)
Modena, Duchy of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio, Ercole III d’Este (1780-1796), Tallero, 1796; AR (g 27,85; mm 41; h 12); HERCVLES III D G MVT REG MIR EC DVX, bust l., wearing golden Toson; on arm, P.T, Rv. DEXTERA DOMINI EXALTAVIT ME 1796, large crowned coat of arms on trophies of arms and flags. MIR 855/2.Good very fine. Bertolami Fine Arts
Francesco Graziani
Francesco Graziani, known as Ciccio Napoletano (active in Naples and in Rome in the second half of the XVII century)\n\nThe conversion of Saul\nOil on canvas, cm 19,5x23. Framed Bertolami Fine Arts

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