As the first and only auction house in Qatar and in the region, AlBahie seeks to position itself as a leader in Antiques, Paintings, Watches, Motor Cars and Jewellery.

The aim of this auction house is to increase the knowledge of traditional art forms while promoting the appreciation and assimilation of culture at an international level. ALBAHIE work with specialists in several areas of expertise, and will help to guide the clients through the auction process of buying and selling items.

ALBAHIE is committed to providing their clients with a high quality service, and to helping them achieve the best prices for their items on the international art market.

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50 Riyal Banknote - Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, 1961
50 riyals issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency in 1961 (first issue); P9, has a small tear, condition very good AlBahie
Salman Al-Malik
Women in Space I AlBahie
A Collection of 20 tittles on the Sudan, السودان
Abbas, Mekki. The Sudan Question. The Dispute over The Anglo- Egyptian Condominium 1884 - 1951. 8 vo. xix 201 pp. cloth, 1 large folding colour map, cloth, book stamp on title page in Arabic : from The Library of Dr. Muhammad Hashem, appendix, biblio, index, Faber & Faber Limited, London, 1952. Abu Gideiri, Yousif Babiker (Editor). Studies in Applied Zoology. 8 vo. iii, 154 pp. numerous tables, publishers' original wrappers, biblio, Graduate College Publications Series. No: 17, University of Khartoum, 1985. Bleuchot, Herve / Christain Delmert & Derek Hopwood (Editors). Sudan, History, Identity, Ideology. Histoire, Identites, Ideologie. 8 vo. xvi, 298 pp; tables, figures, plans, English & French text, cloth in d/w, published for Ireman, Aix-En-Provence, The Middle East Centre, St. Anthony's College, Oxford by Ithaca Press, Reading, 1991 Daly, M. W. Al Majdhubiyya and Al Mikashfiyya: Two Sufi Tariqas in The Sudan (TWO VOLUMES IN ONE). 8 vo. [3], 146 pp; publishers' original wrappers, appendix, Graduate College Publications Series No: 13, University of Khartoum & Ithaca Press, London, 1985. Deng, Francis Mading. Dinka Cosmology. 8 vo. 348 pp. hard back in d/w, minor shelf wear to wrapper, copy inside clean & in mint condition, Ithaca Press, London, first edition, 1980. Deng, Francis Mading. Dinka Cosmology. 8 vo. 348 pp. cloth, copy in mint condition, Ithaca Press, London, First edition, 1980. A study of the Sudanese tribe containing intensive interviews with all major sections of the Dinka. Deng, Francis Mading. The Recollections of Babo Nimir. 8 vo. 79 pp of English text + 57 pp of Arabic text, publishers' original wrappers, Ithaca Press, London, 1982. Duffield, Mark. Maiurno: Capitalism and Rural Life in Sudan. 8 vo. VII, 212 pp; 5 figures, 8 tables, cloth in d/w, notes, biblio, copy in Mint Condition, Ithaca Press, London, 1981. Henderson, K. D. D. Survey of The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 1898-1944. With an Historical Note by E.N. Corbyn. 12 mo. 59 pp; frontis., map, 24 b/w plates, 1 map, p/b, slightly rubbed round edges, Longmans, Green & Co., London, 1946. Ibrahim, Ahmed Uthman M. The Dilemma of British Rule In The Nuba Mountains 1898-1947. 8 vo. 96 pp. publishers' original wrappers, appendices, biblio, Graduate College Publications Series No. 15. University of Khartoum, 1985. Mohamed-Salih, Mohamed A. & Margaret Mohamed-Salih. Family Life In Sudan. 8 vo. 148 pp; publishers' original wrappers, copy in mint condition, Graduate College Publications Series No:18, University of Khartoum & Oxford University Press, 1987. Mohamed, Abbas Ahmed. White Nile Arabs. Political Leadership and Economic Change. 8 vo. xi 193 pp, 3 maps, figures and tables, cloth in d/w, appendix, biblio, index, The Athlone Press, London, 1980. Nutting, Gordon. Gordon. Martyr and Misfit. 8 vo. 286 pp. photographs, 4 maps, cloth in slightly soiled & rubbed d/w, The Reprint Society, London, 1966. Omer, El Haj Bilal. The Danagla Traders of Northern Sudan. Rural Capitalism and Agricultural Development. 8 vo. [5], 105 pp; 1 plan, 20 tables, 2 figures, cloth in d/w, appendix, biblio, Ithaca Press, London, 1985. Runger, Mechthild. Land Law And Land Use Control In Western Sudan. The Case of Southern Darfur. 8 vo. 146 pp, maps, publishers' original wrappers, biblio, glossary, Sudan Studies Series No. 12, Ithaca Press, London, 1987. Sabry, Hussein Zulfakar. Sovereignty for Sudan. 8 vo. [3], 136 pp; cloth in slightly soiled d/w, copy inside in mint condition, Ithaca Press, London, 1982. Sandell, Liza. English Language in Sudan. A History of Its Teachings and Politics. 8 vo. [4], 197 pp; 1 map, tables, publishers' original wrappers, appendix, biblio, index, Ithaca Press, London, 1982. Shepherd, Andrew, Norris, Malcolm & Watson, John. Water Planning In Arid Sudan. 8 vo. vi, 207 pp; tables, figures, publishers' original wrappers, appendices, glossary, published for the Development Administration Group, Institut of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham, Ithaca Press (QAR 2,373 - 2,738) AlBahie
500 Lira Specimen - Central Bank of Syria, 1958
500 Syrian liras issued by the Central Bank of Syria in 1958, stamped with “specimen without value”; P92s, certified by PMG with evaluation grade 64 AlBahie
Orientalist School, early 20th century, H. 8 cm, D. 12 cm x 8.5 cm المدرسة الإستشراقية ، القرن 20 منفضة رماد برونزية مطلية على البارد بشكل محارب جالس
Cold-painted bronze ashtray with figure of a sitting warrior. AlBahie
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