As the first and only auction house in Qatar and in the region, AlBahie seeks to position itself as a leader in Antiques, Paintings, Watches, Motor Cars and Jewellery.

The aim of this auction house is to increase the knowledge of traditional art forms while promoting the appreciation and assimilation of culture at an international level. ALBAHIE work with specialists in several areas of expertise, and will help to guide the clients through the auction process of buying and selling items.

ALBAHIE is committed to providing their clients with a high quality service, and to helping them achieve the best prices for their items on the international art market.

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Etienne Dinet (French, 1861-1929), Jeux de Fillettes (Girls Playing), 29.5 x 40 cm, إتيان ديني، فتيات يلعبن
signed 'E. Dinet' (lower right), Lithograph AlBahie
An Ottoman 'Mamluk' Brass Box, 19th Century - صندوق نحاسي من الطراز المملوكي، مطعم بالفضة والذهب ومزين بزخارف وكتابات إسلامية، سوريا الفترة العثمانية
With silver and copper inlay, cartouches and calligraphy throughout. AlBahie
A Kazakh Caucasian Rug - سجادة القوقاز مصنوعة من الصوف/ القرن 20
Three vertical diamond medaillions set on red field with herati pattern. Main border with star motif on blue ground and guard borders with s-shape motif on red and blue ground. AlBahie
A Qom Carpet, Central Persia, circa 1960, silk, central medallion encircled by pendants, main field with boteh, floral and stem design on
1960 سجادة قُومْ، بلاد فارس الوسطى – حوالي عام AlBahie
Pair of Coral Tesbih, Tunisia - زوج سبحة من المرجان الأحمر والذهب، تونس
With tassels made of gold. Longer tesbih has two 'shahid' pieces of gold, and eight small pendants of coral hanging from tassel. AlBahie
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