As the first and only auction house in Qatar and in the region, AlBahie seeks to position itself as a leader in Antiques, Paintings, Watches, Motor Cars and Jewellery.

The aim of this auction house is to increase the knowledge of traditional art forms while promoting the appreciation and assimilation of culture at an international level. ALBAHIE work with specialists in several areas of expertise, and will help to guide the clients through the auction process of buying and selling items.

ALBAHIE is committed to providing their clients with a high quality service, and to helping them achieve the best prices for their items on the international art market.

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Three Commemorative Lebanese Coins
A box containing three commemorative Lebanese coins of 100, 250 and 500 liras issued in 2000; Weight: 15g, Diameter: 37mm AlBahie
Set of Five Banknotes - Libya, 2002
A set of five banknotes (1/4, 1/2, 1, 5 and 10 dinars) from the last issue during the reign of President Muammar Al-Gaddafi in 2002; P62 – P66, condition uncirculated AlBahie
Orientalist School, Patrice Laurioz (French, b. 1959) Marrakesh, mixed media on board, signed ‘Laurioz’ (lower right), 65 x 81 cm
باتريس لوريوز، المدرسة الإستشراقية (فرنسي 1959) - مراكش مدينة النخيل AlBahie
Tesbih with 99 Names of Allah, Mecca - سبحة مطعمة بالفضة "أسماء الله الحسنى" السعودية (مكة المكرمة) القرن 20
Made of wood, engraved with 99 Names of Allah 'Asmaul Husna'. Silver tassel with turquoise and coral gemstones. AlBahie
One Riyal Specimen (Uncirculated) - Qatar Monetary Agency
One riyal specimen (mosque series) issued by the Qatar Monetary Agency (second issue); P7, condition uncirculated AlBahie
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