As the first and only auction house in Qatar and in the region, AlBahie seeks to position itself as a leader in Antiques, Paintings, Watches, Motor Cars and Jewellery.

The aim of this auction house is to increase the knowledge of traditional art forms while promoting the appreciation and assimilation of culture at an international level. ALBAHIE work with specialists in several areas of expertise, and will help to guide the clients through the auction process of buying and selling items.

ALBAHIE is committed to providing their clients with a high quality service, and to helping them achieve the best prices for their items on the international art market.

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A Kashmir Carpet, India - سجادة كَشْمير مصنوعة من الحرير، الهند/ أواخر القرن 20
Diamond shaped medallion in a dense interlacing foliate design set on a rectilinear field of beige ground. Main border consists of repeating peony pattern set on orange burgundy ground, set in between two guard borders of floral vine on beige ground. AlBahie
Complete Set of Banknotes (Replacement /Uncirculated) - Qatar Central Bank
Complete set of six banknotes issued by the Qatar Central Bank (recent issue) condition uncirculated AlBahie
of rectangular form with rounded ends, decorated with foliate motif in gold inlay and dedication along circumference, with slide opening to reveal small interior inkwell stamped with ‘Ali’. The dedication reads “this pen box is a country of gems and coral as if was made of beautiful beloved hair, welcome to a writer with great knowledge and science it does fit what you are writing from the start till the end, I can see how smooth is your hand, writing in the lawns of roses, I praise all the pen-holders who are worthy of the scripture" AlBahie
An Indian Tulwar, 18th Century - سيف "تلوار" الهند، القرن 18
Curved, single- and false-edged blade, entirely chiseled with the bas-relieved effigy of elephants, tigers, rams and other animals; typical hilt decorated with silver floral motifs. AlBahie
Houlya' from Calligrapher Ahmed Al Bari (Syrian
of polychrome on paper, made by notable Syrian calligrapher Ahmed Al Bari. Scrolling floral vine border on green background sets the central calligraphy and Arabesque motif, which includes Qur'anic verses and the names of the Righteous Caliphs. AlBahie
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