As the first and only auction house in Qatar and in the region, AlBahie seeks to position itself as a leader in Antiques, Paintings, Watches, Motor Cars and Jewellery.

The aim of this auction house is to increase the knowledge of traditional art forms while promoting the appreciation and assimilation of culture at an international level. ALBAHIE work with specialists in several areas of expertise, and will help to guide the clients through the auction process of buying and selling items.

ALBAHIE is committed to providing their clients with a high quality service, and to helping them achieve the best prices for their items on the international art market.

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Silver Coin of H.H the Father Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani - Qatar, 2003
A commemorative silver coin of H.H the Father Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, issued by the National Council for Culture Arts and Heritage in 2003; Face value: 250 QAR; Alloy: Silver 999; Weight: 120g AlBahie
An Ottoman Cabinet with Gold, Silver, Mother-of-Pearl, and Ivory Inlay surmounted by a replica of a Mosque
The cabinet is surmounted by a mosque shaped pediment of inlaid and carved mother-of-pearl, the arches and windows articulated with ivory inlay and hanging brass mosque lamps (later additions), the whole adorned with coral and turquoise. The fa‡ade of the cabinet with circle in relief enclosing a solid gold tughra of Sultan Abdul Hamid, and coat of arms of solid gold and silver and adorned with turquoise and coral. A panel of carved and inlaid foliage motifs of mother-of-pearl and a pair of mother-of-Pearl and ivory shaped columns frame the mirror, topped by a frieze of calligraphy. The use of precious stones and intricate mother-of-pearl and ivory inlay and carving indicate this would have been an item of prestige for Sultan Abdul Hamid's palace. Although functional the attention to detail in bringing together such intricate woodworking and mother-of-pearl inlay give a singular rarity to the piece. AlBahie
Scene of Holy Ka'aba, 20th Century - مشهد لمكة المكرمة، الهند القرن 20
Opaque pigments and gold-ink on paper depicting the Holy Ka?aba with five minarets set along a border with smaller structures around. Scene is bordered by thick floral and scrolling vine pattern. AlBahie
A pair of Sarraf Enamel 'Mina' Copper Basins, وعاءان نحاسيان "مطليان بالمينا" من الصراف
decorated with floral and foliage motifs galzed in blue, green, pink and white. AlBahie
Pair of Beykoz Glass Bottles. Turkey, 19th century, زجاجتان من طراز بيكوز
with hand painted floral enamel motifs and gold gilt garlands around the body, edges and base. AlBahie
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