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GILLES LINOSSIER GALLERY, located Quai Voltaire in Paris, specialises in furniture and objects from the 18th century.

Gilles Linossier, expert and member of the Syndicat National des Antiquaires, is an expert in Parisian furniture of the 18th century. In addition to his gallery in the heart of Paris, Gilles Linossier also retains an antique furniture restoration workshop in Lyon.

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Pair of Caprices by Michele Marieschi (1710-1743)

Michele Marieschi (1710-1743), Pair of Caprices, Oils on canvas, Dimensions: 53 x 97 cm, These two tables are an important addition to the catalog of works by Michele Marieschi because they show the method of creation of his paintings. Both indeed correspond to an enlargement of a pair of Caprices which are now in the Academy Museum in Venice and are considered part of the masterpieces of the artist ( oil on canvas 55 x 83 cm). Starting from the first (No. C11 catalog of Ralph Toledano 1988 ) Marieschi expanded to a dozen centimeters between the landscape architecture of the left and of the right side , completely changing the characters that found in these two parts. This gives an animation and aeration of the composition that is very attractive . Starting from the second (No. C25.2 the same catalog ) Marieschi guard the right side of the table by changing the obelisk with a column surmounted by a statue of St. and develops the left side by adding more vessels where there bustle of the characters. This introduces the new table a dynamism that was not present in that of the Academy. During his short life , Marieschi was a pupil, Francesco Albotto who became his assistant and marries the woman of his master after his death. Its role was primarily to assist in the achievement of numerous engravings made ​​from his paintings during his lifetime. But we think it also helped his master in the execution of numerous picturesque characters that inspired his paintingsRead more

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