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”Auctioneers with a passion for Art and antique” is the motto of the Venduehuis der Notarissen in The Hague.

In 2002, it was 200 years ago that this auction house officially opened its doors in the city of The Hague making it the oldest auction house in The Netherlands. Various important historical auctions took place at the Venduehuis, the most famous one being: “The girl with the pearl earring” by Johannes Vermeer.

There are three different types of auctions being held:

• The Spring – and Autumn Art and Antique (twice each year)

• A monthly Art and antique auction

• The Venduehuis Next Door auction (online only).

Many different articles come under the hammer at these auctions, varying from paintings, porcelain, silver, jewellery, sculptures and furniture, including Indonesian and post-war art, old masters and complete inventories of good quality.

The Venduehuis is established in the former residence of the Mayor of The Hague, in the Nobelstraat. This street can be seen on a 15th century city plan and owes its name to the noble families who lived there at that time. Amongst them were various mayors, father and son Christiaan and Constantijn Huygens, renowned mathematicians/astrologers.

In short, in an unique and historical setting stands a modern and all-round auction house where people work with a passion for art and antique.

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Een Marklin poppenfornuis en een klein poppenwagentje met inhoud
Een Marklin poppenfornuis en een klein poppenwagentje met inhoud Venduehuis The Hague
Een paar kalebasvormige blauw wit vazen
Een paar kalebasvormige blauw wit vazen Met een vol lotusdecor, langs de onderrand een band van gestileerd bladmotief. (2) 19e eeuw. H 25 cm. Minieme randschilfertjes. Venduehuis The Hague
Blauw wit bordje kom twee setjes sjabloon kop en schotels
Blauw wit bordje kom twee setjes sjabloon kop en schotels Venduehuis The Hague
Een 14k gouden armband
Bestaande uit ruitvormige schakels, L. 21.0 cm. Bruto 20 gram. Venduehuis The Hague
An English silver basket
Large oval form, pierced with pales and garlands of flowers, foliage and leaves. Swing handle decorated with ears of corn. Crest in the centre of basket. Maker: John Henry Vere & William Lutwyche, London. 1765-66. 36cm x 30xm. Venduehuis The Hague

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Venduehuis der Notarissen
B.V. Venduehuis der Notarissen
Nobelstraat 5
2513 BC 's-Gravenhage

Tel +31 070 365 88 57
Fax +31 070 346 27 69