Quittenbaum Kunstauktionen was established 1998 and has since then become one of the leading international auction houses for applied art of the 20th century. Quittenbaum hosts an average of six auctions annually including high-quality furniture, glass, ceramics, silver and jewellery, ranging for the 1880’s to present time. Each year, during four major events, usually in the spring and in autumn, Quittenbaum auctions roughly 4000 objects. Additionally special presentations focusing entirely on African tribal art as well as Murano glass are held annually.


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[ Murano Glass ]
Zierteller, 1996 Hersteller: Venini & C., Murano Quittenbaum
Friso Kramer. Eight 'Revolt' chairs and armchairs
Friso Kramer. Eight 'Revolt' chairs and armchairs, designed in 1954. Armchairs: H. 81.5 x 60 x 50 cm; chairs: H. 83 x 45 x 50 cm. Made by Ahrend Cirkel, Den Haag, in 1967. Steel, painted grey and black, red plastic. Marked: maker's label with year 1967. Holland in Vorm, S. 160; The Furniture Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, S. 218. Quittenbaum
Richard Avedon. Five 'Beatles' posters, 1967.
Richard Avedon. Five 'Beatles' posters, 1967. 68.9 x 47.5 cm - 101.3 x 36.7 cm. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd. Offset on paper. Marked: Kunstler fotographiert von Richard Avedon fur Stern, Copyright fur Deutschland bei Populare Propaganda Presse, Dusseldorf, printer. Quittenbaum
Emmanuel Villanis, Paris. 'Moé', c. 1900. H. 13.6
Emmanuel Villanis, Paris. 'Moé', c. 1900. H. 13.6 cm. Bronze. Marked: Villanis, A 1942, LV DEPOSE, BRONZE GARANTI AU TITRE, stamp of Sanson Success., Hamburg. Quittenbaum
[ Murano Glass ]
Elefant Hersteller: Venini & C., Murano Künstler: Martinuzzi, Napoleone Anzahl der Teile: Quittenbaum
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