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"Hutchins'/And Mason./Keene/NH/Waterproof/Blacking" Shoe Black Bottle
Keene Marlboro Street Glassworks, Keene, New Hampshire. 1830-1850. Square, yellow amber with an olive tone, sheared mouth - pontil scar, ; (a four inch crack runs from the shoulder to the base at one corner just above the lettering for Hutchins'). Stoddard Glass, Lane and Pappas 1970 Plate #10 item #2 An extrememly rare Keene item. Norman C. Heckler & Company
Blown Three Mold Decanter
possibly America. 1820-1850. Pineapple form w/ three applied neck rings, golden yellow with a distinct yellow green cast in the sunlight, tooled crudely flared mouth with plain period stopper - ground pontil scar, quart; (pinhead sized bruise on the lower neck ring). GII-43 This item was always one of Franny LeBaron's favorite decanters. It is considerably heavier because of the amount of glass utilized than other GII-43 decanters of color. This is the only example howe. LeBaron collection. Norman C. Heckler & Company
Pitkin Type Flask
thirty six ribs swirled to the left, probably Pitkin Glass Works, East Hartford, Connecticut. 1783-1830. Light yellow olive, sheared mouth - pontil scar, height 5 inches. An interesting example with tightly woven swirls. Norman C. Heckler & Company
Free Blown and Paddled Snuff Jar
probably New England. 1815-1840. Square, yellow olive, sheared flared mouth - pontil scar, height 4 3/4 inches, width 2 3/8 inches; (some minor exterior high point wear near the shoulders). Form similar to McK plate 227 #14 Norman C. Heckler & Company
Early Utility Jar
probably New England. 1820-1850. Cylindrical, blown in a three piece mold, expanded mouth, brilliant bubbly yellowish green, outward rolled rim - pontil scar, height 6 7/8 inches, base diameter 3 1/4 inches; (some exterior high point wear near and around the base, minor shallow bubble burst near the base). A rare, unusual, and beautiful jar. Norman C. Heckler & Company
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Norman C. Heckler & Company
79 Bradford Corner Road
Woodstock Valley
CT 06282
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