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Cortrie is German auction house located in Hamburg. They focus on high quality watches and jewellery.


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Pocket watch: very rare and very heavy gold hunting case watch minute

Ca. 56 mm, ca. 197 g, 18 K gold, " goutte" hunting case, engine turned, exceptional quality case, case punch Henry Moser & Cie., matching numbers on case and movement, very beautiful engine turning and stiff hinges, Swiss precision lever movement in exceptional quality, maker probably Audemars, patent punch 6835, self-striking hours and quarters with triple Carillon, repeating minutes also with triple Carillon, screwed gold chatons, special rocker mechanism for winding the 2 barrels with crown, enamel dial (small and old peripheral hairline), blued steel hands, in excellent condition, in working order. The watch is an absolute exception. The court watchmaker of the Russian czar, Henry Moser, used movements from the best Swiss manufacturers, mainly Audemars for the most complicated of his pocket watches, as well as this watch. With almost 200g, this watch is one of the heaviest known hunting case watches with the rare complication in manner of the patent of Csar Racine. This movement construction has been patented several times by Csar Racine (Le Locle), CH Patent no. 6835 from 1893, CH Patent no. 16112 from 1898, and CH Patent no. 18583 from 1899. The present movement construction has regarding to the common edition a special feature: all 3 hammers lie on top of each other and are not arranged side by side! According to our knowledge there are only 2 more Henry Moser watches with this complication. An almost identical watch was sold in Geneva auction in 2011 for ca. 52,000 CHF, a gift watch with enamelled Czar eagle, sold in Geneva in 2007 for 233,000 CHF. A video for this lot is available on our website.Read more

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