MUIZON-RIEUNIER is a French auction house based in Paris in the famous Drouot area.

The auction house MUIZON-RIEUNIER holds auctions in various specialties such as paintings, furniture, wine and spirits, jewellery, ancient books, photography and much more.

The expert Olivier Rieunier and his team are available to value your objets and to guide you in selling or buying art.

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Big collection of 'Blue John' hits the auction market
Up for auction next week is a rare collection of spar-fluoride decorative arts, commonly known as 'Blue John.'

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École BRETONNE "Les moissonneurs" Huile sur carton
École BRETONNE "Les moissonneurs" Huile sur carton. 33 x 41 cm - Muizon - Rieunier - 17/11/2016 Muizon-Rieunier
Fornasinius klingbeili (1m 59 mm.) rarissime
Fornasinius klingbeili (1m 59 mm.) rarissime, superbe exemplaire - Muizon - Rieunier - 05/10/2012 Muizon-Rieunier
Grue couronnée Balearica pavonina
Grue couronnée Balearica pavonina. Annexe II/B - Muizon - Rieunier - 21/10/2013 Muizon-Rieunier
Alfred BRUNEL de NEUVILLE (1852-1941) Coupe de pêches et raisin...
Alfred BRUNEL de NEUVILLE (1852-1941) Coupe de pêches et raisin et Huîtres plates, crevettes et moules Paire d'huiles sur toile, signées. 46 x 55 cm - Muizon - Rieunier - 02/10/2009 Muizon-Rieunier

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10, rue Rossini
75009 Paris
+33 (0)1 47 70 32 32