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Swimming markets No. 31

Details:The particular point of view, the technology he has developed, the digital processing of his images and the conceptualization of his collections makes Dirk´s artwork unique. His sculptural works defy the rules of gravity and spatiality. They transport the viewer to a different reality, with a new perspective, in which an object is isolated by a digital process and is embedded in colorful background, in this way the object is transformed into an exceptionally challenging work of art. The series "kopfüber" (head long), has been his most internationally recognized collection. The artist works with cargo ships, ferries, Venetian gondolas and boats in all its variations, he photographs them on several occasions from the air and then he digitally compose them. Dirk Brommel: "In most of my collections, the time factor plays a key role. The viewer observes a sequence of images photographed in seconds or even minutes. Leaving aside my role as a photographer on a bridge, a boat on this perspective could not be portrayed, that’s why I removed the reference zone around it and replace them with a colorful background, in this way the proportions are difficult to evaluate." (Excerpts from the interview with Dirk Brommel by Marc Peschke for ProfiFoto 10/2010) Technique: Lambda print (C-print) on Diasec /Aludibond. In this high-quality process the artwork is laser- exposed on photographic paper, drawn on a Aludibond plate and front side sealed with acrylic glass. The lack of air gap between photography and acrylic glass avoids light refraction , which produces a strong penetration and makes colors appear richer and the details are sharp and recognizable to the smallest detail. The back plate is made of sturdy aluminum, so the artwork can be hung discreetly without any traditional frames. The work is particularly well protected from UV radiation and other environmental influences. Artig Gallery presents different artworks from the series "Swimming Markets", photographs in lambda print on Diasec/Aludibond with UV-protection Plexiglass and aluminium mount. Limited edition of 5 of this size: 75cm x 120cm. Read more

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