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Details:Aaron Alamo uses the typical visual elements of the Baroque Vanitas, adding some contemporary objects, but his message transcends a mere aesthetic, as he plays with our idea of photography and art as eternal elements. His work is a photograph of a photograph taken 10 years ago and treated with humidity and fungus for its prompt decomposition. Aaron's work makes us question the temporality in art and the concept of eternal. Aaron Alamo: “‘Vanitas: Not-so-still Life’, is a project that shows the destruction of a photograph through time. Inspired by traditional vanitas paintings, with elements that are carefully chosen to give them a modern twist: a skull with orthodontist braces, a bucket of KFC, a plastic cup, etc., The original photographs were created in 2008. They were printed on cotton paper and ‘treated’ with humidity and a culture of fungus in a dark place. The process of decay was photographed every year for the next 10 years creating a series of images of decay and transformation. This series demonstrates how nothing is eternal -not even a photograph.” Available sizes: M Unframed 40cm x 60cm L Unframed 60cm x 100cm Limited edition of 10 prints per size. Fine Art Giclée Print on Matte Fibre Hahnemühle Paper 200gr. Unframed. All artworks are originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping to your doorstep. For commissioned measures, please contact: more

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Details:Valentin Russo: “I’m interested in relationship between photography and painting. I notice that one essential difference between these is time: Photographs are created usually in fractions of seconds whereas paintings take much more time. Therefore, I tried to experiment by slowing down the process of taking a photo to the maximum. I don’t use a tripod so that my hand movements act on the photo, like a painter acts on his painting. In this approach, I try to reclaim physical photography, seen as an automatic process, and to offer another vision than the photographic objective truth. In that concern, I was inspired by the works of Ernst Haas “Motion”, and John Batho particularly the bright colour and movement in "Maneges" (Merry-go-round) series. I was also inspired by the paintings of Gerhard Richter, the futurism paintings and the colors theory of Kandinsky. In the long exposure time, I like the randomness, blending shapes and colors and blurred vision between real and fiction. I enjoy abstracting every day scenes, something which the camera, which usually distorts objects in movement, is particularly suited for. White is very present in my composition. It reminds the white canvas and emphasizes on colors which appear like touches of paint, removing the limits between painting and photography.” Limited edition photography of 15 prints per size. All photographs are mounted by the artist on a black aluminum frame, with Plexiglas, without passe-partout. Each photograph is numbered by the artist, and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and will be printed on demand. Delivery in perfect condition, directly from the artist’s studio. Available sizes: S: 30cm x 20cm Framed Size: 31cm x 21cm M: 50cm x 33cm Framed Size: 51cmx 34cm L: 90cm x 60 xm Only unframed availableRead more

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