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Turismo superficial PF No. 3

Details:Ricardo Gonzalez about his collection: “ ‘Souvenir de no-lugar’ is inspired by the concept of ‘no-lugar’ (‘non-place’), a term coined by the anthropologist Marc Augé in his 1993 book Non places. Spaces of anonymity. Anthropology of modernity; where he refers to non-places as transitory places, such as highways, hotel rooms, supermarkets ... spaces that ultimately provide a service to the inhabitant of the modern world. Parting from this premise, I take pictures of these places during my travels. Later in my studio, I deconstruct the images during the painting process, abstracting the subject through the use of patterns that refer to the mechanical repetition that involves these places, suggesting that the transitory character of theses places drives to an unconscious automatism. If such non-places serve us to reach our destination, to regain our souvenir or memento, now the medium itself (the transitory places) becomes the destination or the purpose or the message; as Marshall McLuhan would say, itself is becoming the souvenir. From this new understanding, the roles are reversed; the painting in itself is now established as a non-place, through which paradoxically it is shed of its long tradition, eluding its anguished nature to return to reality with a revived new look, recording, assimilating and expressing the changes of contemporary human life, by providing a service to it." Ricardo's paintings are made with acrylic, oil paint and enamel on canvas or wood on canvas. Each is signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity. All artworks are shipped directly from the artist and are in perfect condition.Read more

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