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Chinese Rosewood Carved Lohan Figure
红木伏虎罗汉像Chinese rosewood carved figure; depicting Taming Tiger Lohan Pindola; H: 26 cm,, W: 20 cm, L: 14.5 cm, 1615 grams 888 Auctions
472: Chinese Carved Rhinoceros Horn Stem Cup
Chinese Carved Rhinoceros Horn Stem Cup H: 7 cm, D: 9 cm 888 Auctions
Natural Sea Coral Necklace
天然海珊瑚项链Natural sea coral necklace; comprised of numerous disk-form red coral beads; L: 48 cm, 96 grams 888 Auctions
Chinese Crow Skin Tianhuang Stone Boulder w Stand
Chinese crow skin Tianhuang stone carved boulder, finely carved with continuous scenes of landscape with sages. On custom wood stand. H: 10 cm, W: 8 cm, 698 grams. 888 Auctions
Chinese Yuan Style Blue & White Porcelain Vase
青花云龙纹瓶Chinese Yuan style blue and white porcelain jar; of compressed globular body connecting to straight mouth rim and short splayed foot; painted with striding dragon amidst clouds; unglazed base; H: 12 cm, W: 11 cm, 421 grams 888 Auctions
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