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Japanese Porcelain Cloisonne Small Vase
Japanese porcelain cloisonne vase; of globular body, tapering to bottom; with metal rings on mouth rim and foot rim; painted with peony flowers; 9 cm x 8 cm, 260 grams 888 Auctions
321: Chinese antique bronze buddah statue
Chinese antique bronze buddah statue, H 9-1/2" 888 Auctions
Icy Emerald Green Jadeite Pendant w Gemstones
Fine Chinese icy jadeite carved pendant with clear gemstones on bail. The stone of translucent emerald green tone with high luster. H: 4 cm, W: 2.5 cm, 16 grams. 888 Auctions
Small Chinese Horn Uncarved
Small Chinese horn uncarved. With aged cracks and dents. H: 11 cm, W: 6 cm. 888 Auctions
Chinese Green Jadeite Cabochons18K Gold Bracelet
Chinese green jadeite (4) cabochons18K gold bracelet; L: 15 cm, 16 grams, L: 1.2 cm, W: 1.1 cm (cabochon) 888 Auctions
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