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Chinese Bronze Seated Figure of Manjushri
文殊菩萨青铜坐像Chinese bronze figure of Manjushri; seated cross-legged atop a double lotus plinth and holding a flaming sword in his right hand; H: 33 cm, W: 26 cm, 2641 grams 888 Auctions
168: 19th C. Tianhuang Stone Seals Guangxu
Five Chinese Tianhuang stone seals; in shard form, featuring finely incised script on seals; the stone of rich light honey tone; accompanied by document bearing seal marks and signed by Emperor Guangxu in the third year of his reign; shard-form seals enclosed within carved Huanghuali rectangular box; L: 19.5 cm, W: 10.5 cm, H: 5.5 cm (Huanghuali Box); H: 5 cm, 18 grams (largest seal) 888 Auctions
Painting Landscape Style of Wu Hufan (1894-1968)
Chinese landscape, Chinese ink on paper, style of Wu Hufan, signed and sealed. 94 cm x 51 cm. 888 Auctions
242: Chinese Carved Yellow Jade Seal Qianlong
Chinese carved yellow jade seal with surmounted Fu Lion and incised script calligraphy on the side. Six character chop seal on base. H: 9 cm, W: 5 cm, 511 grams 888 Auctions
2 Pieces of Amethyst Jewellery Set w/ Certificates
紫水晶挂件,耳环套组共三件 附鉴定证书One stamped 14K gold amethyst earrings and one stamped 925 silver diamond amethyst pendant; both with replacement value certificates 888 Auctions
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