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Lot of Three Chinese Amber Carved Bracelet
Lot of three (3) Chinese amber carved bracelets; D: 7 cm, 128 grams total 888 Auctions
Japanese Fine Beauty Girl Painting on Silk 19th C.
Beautiful woman in kimono playing with a child; Japanese ink and watercolour on silk; 19th century; fraying and teared edge; 78 cm x 33 cm 888 Auctions
Chinese Mixed Hardstone with Lapis Necklace
青金石玛瑙硬岩珠项链Chinese beads necklace; comprised of rounded lapis lazuli beads alternating with various shaped agate and other hardstone beads; D: 22 cm, 108 grams 888 Auctions
Chinese Jade Quartz Beads Necklace
苹果绿玉及石英珠项链Chinese jade necklace; comprised of numerous apple green jade beads alternating with white quartz beads; L: 47 cm, 43 grams 888 Auctions
3 Pieces of Tianhuang Stone Pebble on Wood Stand
Group of three Tianhuang stone pebble, depicting continuous Chinese village landscape. The stone of caramel tone. On wooden stand. H: 7 cm, W: 5 cm, total 389 grams. 888 Auctions
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