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Chinese WC Landscape Painting Mu Tong 1931-
Landscape with calligraphy; Chiense ink and watercolour on paper; signed Mu Tong and inscribed with two artist seals; hanging scroll; 129 cm x 63 cm 888 Auctions
Chinese Black Litho Print
甲骨文拓印 纸本镜心\n\nOracle bone script litho print; inscribed with one red seal; 41 cm x 42 cm 888 Auctions
Chinese Archaic Hardstone Carved Ram Bangle
硬岩三羊手镯\n\nChinese archaic hardstone carved bangle; featuring three ram head in relief; Outer D: 8.8 cm, Inner D: 7 cm, 195 grams. 888 Auctions
Fine Chinese Horn Carved Brushpot
Chinese horn carved brushpot, of natural horn shape, displays rich brown tone with brilliant natural horn textile. H: 12 cm, W: 10 cm, L: 13 cm, 409 grams. Buyer responsible for necessary export permit. 888 Auctions
Burma Green Jadeite Carved Bangle
Burma green jadeite carved bangle; of rounded outside and inside; of emerald green tone; ID: 5.8 cm, W: 1 cm, 41 grams, Density: 3.23 888 Auctions

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