ÉDITION-ORIGINALE, also called Le Feu Follet, is a bookshop located in Paris between Port Royal and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

The gallery ÉDITION-ORIGINALE brings together rare and valuable books, manuscripts, autographed books, etc.

This bookshop offers a very wide selection for all literature lovers: old books (1455-1820), literary and artistic journals, science, medicine & technology, religion & spirituality, history books, travel books, books of Fine Art, arts of living and social history.

ÉDITION-ORIGINALE also offers its clients advice on their collection as well as free valuations.

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Maurice BLANCHOT Faux pas Gallimard, Paris 1943, 14x21cm, relié. First edition, one copy of the service presse.binding half red morocco, spine with five nerves, when golden tail, flat marbled paper, guards and contreplats of handmade paper, wrappers preserved (a pale spot on the first flat, golden head, elegant binding signed P. Goy & C. Vilaine.Précieux and moving autograph dedication signed by the author to his mother and his sister: "For his dear mother and his old friendship with Marg without No fake Mauritius. "Marguerite Blanchot, renowned organist Chalon Cathedral, remained all his life in the family home with his mother and aunt." It will gradually become, for the family, as the memory of the origins . "Very close to Mauritius, she regularly corresponded with the writer who demonstrates her great recognition for his dedication to their helpless mother. intense affection If Blanchot for his mother and sister shines in dedications of it, we know almost nothing about their relationship. In the only biographical essay on Blanchot, Christophe Bident reveals however: "Marguerite Maurice Blanchot worshiped his brother very proud of him, (...) it attached great importance to his political ideas (...) She read a lot (.... .) They phoned corresponded. Remotely, they shared the same natural authority, the same concern for discretion. " Blanchot address him indeed many books from his library, now with her continuous intellectual bond. As for the passion of Blanchot for his mother, it was the turn of his work that we discover the finest examples: "Maybe the power of the mother figure she borrows its radiance to the same power fascination, and one might say that if the mother carries this fascinating attraction is as appearing when the child lives entirely under the gaze of fascination, it concentrates in itself all the powers of enchantment ".Cultivant absolute discretion, Blanchot pushed the art of erasing into his handwritten dedications generally brief and almost always written on cards attached to rare books which he gave to his close friends. In contrast, in these precious autograph dedication of the authors to his mother and sister, Blanchot offers in all its fragility, revealing a hitherto unknown intimacy. Nice copy all well established margins. --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information!3 000 € Réf : 44662 Order BookRead more

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PLUTARQUE Oeuvres morales et meslees. Translatées de grec en français, reveues & corrigées en plusieurs passages par le translateur pour Samuel Crespin, à Cologni 1614, in-folio (38x25cm), (8f.) 674ff. (45f.)., relié. The first edition of Amyot's translation dates back to 1572 in Vascosan Michel in Paris. Full contemporary calf, spine nerves 6, 6 jewels, double fillet border on covers. Jacques Amyot (1513-1594), was the tutor of the son of Henry II (future Charles IX and Henri III), it is also a professor at the University of Bourges and become great chaplain of France and bishop of Auxerre he will be important center of humanism. It is under the recommendation of Francis I that result Lives of illustrious men of Plutarch. Thereof, and thereafter the moral works had and will have a significant impact, not only for the rediscovery of antiquity (which thus had a greater impact than some scholars) and Plutarch but for the French language itself same. Montaigne wrote: "We, ignorant, were lost if we had this book surveys the mess ... This is our breviary. But not only skillful translator concerned about accuracy, it is also a very clever popularizer rather than a scholar, as he wrote to a wider audience and not for scholars, as he explains, he says that it is necessary to clarify, it looks pure French, away from hellénismes and tour pedants, a French to be praised by all specialists of the French language in the seventeenth as Vaugelas. Finally he brought the translation into a new era. Brunet, IV, 738. Restorations skilled at corners, edges and caps. --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information!1 500 € Réf : 08875 Order BookRead more

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