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2010D Linc 1c BU Scarce UnOpened Bank 3 Rolls 50 GEMS
3 Unsearched & never opened estate Rolls of 50 BU with multiple hi-grade GEM potential; just one GEM++ Unc = book value in the thousands American Pacific Auctions
1988 N Korea 10 Won Note Crisp Unc
Scarce hi-grade piece American Pacific Auctions
1969 US Mint Coin Set UNOPENED
Scarce still unopened 1969 mint set few remain unopened; chance of VERY HIGH VALUE coins inside: A 1969S cent double die cent alone can be worth over $135000. THERE ARE 12 UNSEEN COINS INSIDE! American Pacific Auctions
1960 Scarce Unopened Envelope Proof Set
Scarce sealed unopened envelope set; set inside has for sure never been seen/searched; high grade coins errors/varieties possible; HUGE POTENTIAL VALUE TO $23000+ PER COIN POSSIBLE; these unopened sets sell at a large premium; 5 coins in set American Pacific Auctions
As pictured, included scarcer issues and combinations American Pacific Auctions
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