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Antique Decorative Turkish Room Size Ushak Rug-2270
west Turkey, size 9ft by 11ft. 9 inches, circa 1910. large lobed medallion surrounded with small rossete on red-tomato field, excellent condition , slightly wear to center,complete rug with all original ends and edges. Woven Rug Gallery
Semi Antique Persian ivory field Long Karadjeh Runner-4191
North west Persia, size, 2 ft. 9 inches by 27 ft. 6 inches circa 1980. series of Karadjeh medallions on ivory field excellent condition with a good pile throughout.complete rug with intact ends and edges Woven Rug Gallery
19th C Shirvan Caucasian Rug-3925
North Caucasus, size 3 ft. 9 inches by 6 ft. 3 inches, circa 1880. The cotton head flower motifs cover the entire blue field surrounded by 17 birds with high tails. The principle ivory field of the main border is decorated with a series of eagle's-head motifs in red, blue, green,light blue and egg plant colors. This rug is in excellent condition with a good pile throughout,complete rug with all original ends and edges, KPSI of 11 x 8, wool weft and warp.No hole, stain, bleeding or rotten. Please view my other auctions. Woven Rug Gallery
19th Century Camel Bag Tekke Turkoman Rug
Unique antique Tekke Turkoman Camel bag, from Turkmenistan, size 2 ft. 7 inches by 3 ft. 9 inches, circa 1900. This strip design of Camel bag is in excellent condition with very small and tiny damage.Estimate $500-1200 Woven Rug Gallery
Antique Khotton Gallery Size Carpet-4078
Khotton Gallery size carpet from East Turkestan, size 5ft. 6 inches by 10ft. 1 inches, circa 1900, good condition with some lower pile throughout,complete carpet with all original ends and edges and cotton weft and warp. Woven Rug Gallery
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