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1911 Weak S $5 Gold Indian Half Eagle
Bidder is responsible for all value and grade determination. Please note due to the nature of the precious metals market we cannot accept returns or refunds. As with all auction sales, please be sure of your bidsprior to bidding. Antique Finder Services
$2300 Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
Item is the exact item in the image. Item comes with the pictured appraisal. Please note the appraisal does not gaurantee resale value. It is an Inmsurance replacement appraisal. Please note all terms prior tobidding. eBay bidders, note we require credit card payments via INVALUABLE LIVE AUCTIONS invoicing and Paypal. We do not accept call in payment. If you wish t pay via check or money order we can offer a 3% discount forsuch payment type. eBay bidders please note the shipping is different from standard eBay auctions. ALL SALES FINAL , all bids are an agreemnt ot all auction fees and shipping charges. Please DO NOT BID if you do notagree with all terms. Antique Finder Services
2002 MS 69 NGC US Silver Eagle
Item is the exact item In the image- Bidder responsible for all grade and value. All sales final, please be sure of your bid prior to bidding. Due to the nature of what we sell we cannot allow returns unless the wrong item is sent to you. Antique Finder Services
Lot of (100) Roosevelt Dimes- 90% Silver
Items are as shown in image, bidder is responsible for grade and value. All terms apply to every bid and lot. Please review the terms PRIOR to placing a bid. All sales final. Antique Finder Services
1882 O CH BU Morgan Silver Dollar
Please note item will be as shown in image.Bidder is responsible for grade and value. Antique Finder Services
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