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Seven years before Samuel Colt Received His Patent for a "revolving gun"
Guns \n\nSeven years before Samuel Colt Received His Patent for a ?revolving gun?, the U.S. Gov't Acknowledged a Patent to Henry Rogers for a ?revolving four barreled gun and improved percussion lock?\n\nOn February 25, 1836, Samuel Colt received a patent for a ?revolving gun? with ?great rapidity in the succession of discharges, which is effected merely by drawing back the hammer and pulling the trigger.? On May 7, 1829, seven years earlier, Henry Rogers received a patent for a ?revolving four barreled gun? by which ?eight shots can be made in a minute.?\n\nComprises:\n\n(1) Partly Printed Document Signed "Henry Rogers" and, as witnesses, ?C.B. Simonson Jr.? and ?J.M. Williams,? 1p, 7.75? x 13?. Pennsylvania, June 17, 1829. Completed in manuscript. On the integral sheet conjoined at the left is a printing of the Letters Patent for a ?Revolving Four Barrelled Gun, and Improved Percussion Lock? signed in type by Andrew Jackson as President and M. Van Buren as Secretary of State on May 7, 1829. Minor flaws. Fine condition.\n\nThe document signed by Rogers for $1437 ?lawful money of the United States, to him in hand well and truly paid ? sells the patent ?to Israel T. Gilson his heirs and assigns forever, the exclusive right and liberty for making, constructing, using, and vending to others, to be use, the said Gun and improved Lock, for the term of fourteen years, from the seventh day of May, 1829, in the State of Pennsylvania??\n\nThe text of the patent at left, bearing the names of Jackson, Van Buren, and Attorney General John Macpherson Berrien, in part, ?Whereas Henry Rogers, a Citizen of the United States, hath alleged that he has invented a new and useful improvement, called, a 'Revolving Four Barrelled Gun, and Improved Percussion Lock,' which improvement he states had not been known or used before his application; hath made oath that he does verily believe that he is the true inventor or discoverer of the said improvement; hath paid into the Treasury of the United States the sum of thirty dollars?THESE ARE THEREFORE to grant, according to law, to the said HENRY ROGERS, his heirs, administrators, or assigns, for the term of fourteen years, from the seventh day of May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine, the full and exclusive right and liberty of making, constructing, using and vending to others to be used, the said improvement; a description whereof is given in the words of the said HENRY ROGERS himself?? Rogers had included the necessary drawings of his invention which he referred to in his description; these drawings were attached to the actual Letters Patent actually signed by Jackson, Van Buren, and Berrien.\n\n?Be It Known that I HENRY ROGERS ? invented a knew and useful improvement, called the ?Revolving four barreled Gun, and improved percussion Lock: And that the following is a full and exact description of the construction and operation of the said gun as invented and improved by me. ? This gun is formed by four barrels, about three inches long, which may be bored in a block of brass, of, say 2 1-4 inches square, and three inches long, and then cut, or filed so as to exhibit five eights of the outside of each barrel; a round hole of about three eights of an inch diameter is then to be bored exactly parallel with, and between the barrels to admit a rod or axle to revolve on, a top view of which is represented by the drawing marked A. The fifth, or long barrel, may be of any length to suit the maker; of the same bore or caliber of one of the four short barrels, and be connected to the britch, at three inches distant, by two strong side straps of steel, equal in width to one square or one eight of the barrel (marked B) ? When the whole is in good order, eight shots can be made in a minute. I have one Gun finished on the above plan...?\n\n(2) Manuscript Letter Signed ?Thos P. Jones Supert,? 1p. 7.75? x 9.5?. Department of State, Pat Office, March 10, 1829. Integral leaf addressed to ?Mr Henry Rogers / Middletown, Butler County / Ohio,? free franked in upper right ?Thos P. Jones? as Superintendent of the Patent Office in the Department of State. Reddish ?WASHn City Mar 11? circular postmark reddish ?FREE? partially on frank. Paper loss, expert mending on verso, numerous plastic tape stains over text and address on ?P Jones Supert? of signature but not touching the free frank. Fair condition.\n\nJones writes, in full, ?Your papers & Money to obtain a Patent for a four barrel Gun &c have been recd and are in order, but a model will be required to be deposited. Your patent will be issued in its regular turn. You will please to execute & return the within Bond. Yours respectfully Thos P. Jones Supert.?\n\nWE PROVIDE IN-HOUSE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. University Archives
War of 1812 ALS: "The British ... have burnt the Capitol ... made
War of 1812 1812 - 1815 "The British ... have burnt the Capitol ... made an attack on Baltimore the day before yesterday and had a very smart engagement but was compeled to Retreat to there Shiping..."; it was aboard a British ship in Baltimore harbor on the day this letter was written that Francis Scott Key wrote the "The Star Spangled Banner". Autograph letter signed "Jesse Timms," three pages, 7" x 8.25", front and verso on two conjoined sheets. No place, September 14, 1814. Addressed on fourth page to "Mr William Robertson / State of Ohio" notations "favd by / Mr Jno Williams" and"Harrison County." Seal tear does not affect any writing. Uniformly soiled. Very good condition. In full: "Dear Sir I have again taken up pen to write to you which is this fourth time since I have Recd any letter from you, and knowing that you have Recd some of my letters I made up my mind not to write to you again until I heard from you by Letter, in fact I knew not where to write to, but this opportunity by Mr Williams being so good I was compeled to Brake my promise. I am compeled to say you have treated me as well as all the Rest of your friends with a great deal of disrespect in not writing to let us know that you had Returned from Camp, and of your Situation and where you was home, I was always treated you as a friend and near Relation, and am sorry to say you have not done so by me Since you have been in that Country you Certainly have been undutiful to your poor old Father he has been once to see me since the death of your Mother and complains very much of your not Writing, he has wrote to me Several times beging of me if ever I hear from you to infirm him Imediately by letter. Mrs Bradshaw begs me to give you a little lashing for her - however as we at such a distance from each other and it has been so long since we had the pleasure of being together I will not quarrel with you any more at this time, but if we had you here I think we should be very apt, not only to quarrel but lash you in bargain - I shall say nothing about the neighbourhood as Mr Williams can inform you times is extremely hard here everything we have to buy is three prices and we can get little or nothing for what we have to sell I yesterday gave $6 for one Bushell of Salt and I have no doubt it will be $10 in a short time, you have heard before this that the British has taken the City and Alexandria and have burnt the Capitol with all the Push of the public Buildings, every man in this County from 18 to 45 has been called on and is now Stationed at Baltimore and ere this I fear many of them gone to their long home, for the British made an attack on Baltimore the day before yesterday and had a very smart engagement but was compeled to Retreat to there Shiping. Our Loudon Malitia was in the engagement but I have heard no particulars yet it is thought there will be constant fighting there untill the British takes the place or gets convinced they cannot do it - we have 18 or 20,000 men there and the place will not be surrendered without a great deal of Blood shed. I got a man to take my place for which I gave him $110. I had the good luck to get one not 18 years of age or else I should have been amongst them and my tower was for 6 months - my family is not very well at present the Children has been very unwell but are all better except John who was taken very sick this day - Linny was delivered of Another Son the 6th Inst and Calls his name Henry. She is very well at present Rose had a Son Born in May last - another one she had before was a boy and both Black, my family is now got up to the number of 13 and 2 that is out makes the Round Number of 15 - Tell Sally that her brother James was at my house this Week, and that himself and both her other Brothers are well, James Weighs about 190 - Mr Norris's family is well . John Norriss Junr has been dead about 2 years & James Norriss is at Canada in the Army. I must conclude my letter as it is now half past Eleven OClock at night - Mrs Bradshaw and Anney Joins with me in Love to you and Sally and begs at the same time that you will Work Something to let us know how you all are. I must conclude my Subscribing my Self your friend and well wisher - Jesse Timms N.B. When Mr Williams moved out Linncy sent Sally several little Articles and I enclosed a small trifle to her in a letter I should like to know in your next of they were Recd." That morning, at the dawn's light, aboard British shipping, HMS "Tonnant," in Baltimore Harbor, Francis Scott Key, after witnessing the attack on Baltimore on the night of September 13-14, 1814, wrote the poem which became the lyrics of "The Star Spangled Banner." William Robertson (1783-1874), a slave overseer in Loudoun County, Virginia, moved to Harrison County, Ohio, after 1809. The "Loudoun County Marriage Bonds" lists Robertson as marrying Sarah Fernandis on March 8, 1809; Jesse Timms was Best Man. Robertson's mother was Mary Timms so Jesse most probably was related to Robertson. In 1812, Robertson enlisted under General William Henry Harrison and followed him through several campaigns. This may be why his good friend Robertson didn't answer Timms' four letters. In 1804, Jesse Timms (1768-1837) became manager of the Oatlands, a 3500 acre wheat plantation in Loudoun County, Virginia. Oatlands was owned by George Carter, great-grandson of Virginia Colonial Governor Robert "King" Carter. The Loudon County Militia participated in the Battle of Baltimore and remained in the area for another week following the British retreat. In the Loudoun County "Pole Tax on Free Negroes & Mulattoes - males only" records for 1814, "List of Jesse Timms," the names of 11 FN ("Free Negroes") are listed with notations that three slaves are "over 16." Two other names are listed without a FN notation probably meaning they were Mulattoes. Timms' statement "Rose had a Son Born in May last - another one she had before was a boy and both Black, my family is now got up to the number of 13 and 2 that is out makes the Round Number of 15" may reflect the 13 (11 FN + 2 Mulattoes) plus the 2 Rose had. Jesse and Linncy Uln Timms (1781-1835) had three sons and three daughters, each born prior to 1814. University Archives
Jim Irwin Best ALS "The visit to the moon was a high light of my physical life..
Irwin James \n\nJim Irwin, Apollo XV Moon Walking Astronaut, ALS: "Your friend from beyond the earth"\n\n1p ALS inscribed overall and signed by American astronaut James B. Irwin (1930-1991) as "Jim Irwin / Apollo 15," with a hand-drawn doodle of a crescent moon located at right. Written in Colorado Springs, Colorado on October 4, 1979. On watermarked pale blue stationery paper with "High Flight Foundation / 202 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. / P.O. Box 1387 / Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901" letterhead. Accompanied by a color publicity photo of Irwin's official white space suit NASA portrait, and a matching pale blue "High Flight Foundation" envelope addressed to a different letter recipient.\n\nThe Apollo XV mission--the fourth manned lunar mission of its kind--took place between July 26-August 7, 1971. Commander David R. Scott (born 1932) oversaw a 3-man crew comprised of Command Module Pilot Alfred M. Worden (born 1932) and Lunar Module Pilot James B. Irwin.\n\nApollo XV was the first of NASA's extended missions, eventually clocking in at 12 days, 7 hours, 11 minutes, and 53 seconds. This longer period enabled astronauts to more comprehensively study, document, and explore the moon. They collected geological samples, conducted scientific experiments, ventured further out using a Lunar Roving Vehicle, performed the first deep space walk, and also extensively photographed and filmed their surroundings, vehicles, equipment, and each other using a variety of tools.\n\nApollo XV astronaut Jim Irwin was deeply affected by his experience on the moon. In fact, it inspired his later evangelicalism. His letter reads in full, with original untouched spelling and punctuation:\n\n"4 Oct 1979\n\n \n\nDear Phillip,\n\n \n\nThe visit to the moon was a high light of my physical life thus far. That three day stay gave me new insight into the spiritual dimension of my life so I came back renewed in my relation with Jesus Christ. I was light, I was hot, and I was illumined within by His pure light.\n\n \n\nMay your life be blessed with the reality of His presence and His love.\n\n \n\nYour friend from beyond the earth,\n\n \n\nJim Irwin\n\n \n\nApollo XV  ?."\n\nIrwin resigned from NASA a year after Apollo XV, and in 1972, become the founding member and president of the High Flight Foundation headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The charitable organization's name was inspired by John Gillespie Magee, Jr.'s poem of the same name describing the intensely spiritual experience of flying.\n\nThe High Flight Foundation's website explained Irwin's mission in the following way: "[Irwin] spent the next 20 years of his life reaching for a higher goal, one even higher than leaving the earth's atmosphere in search of new discoveries. This adventure was to reach out to his fellow man, and help them reach their Highest Flight In Life. He traveled around the globe with his family sharing his unique experience and a message of hope and encouragement."\n\nOne of Irwin's first acts as a "goodwill ambassador" was traveling around the world returning the flags of United Nations countries that Apollo XV had brought to the moon and back. Irwin wrote several books and conducted lecture tours to fundraise for the High Flight Foundation. The organization hosted trips to the Holy Land and religious retreats. The non-profit still spearheads a variety of philanthropic and religious programs today. For example, its Operation Uplift continues to provide emotional, spiritual, financial, and life skill support to military personnel.\n\nA fascinating lot relating to astronaut and born-again Christian Jim Irwin!\n\nWE PROVIDE IN-HOUSE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! University Archives
Prince Charles and Diana sign letter to the Duchy of Cornwall for their wedding
Diana of Wales Princess 1961 - 1997 Prince Charles and Diana sign letter to the Duchy of Cornwall for their wedding gift A typed letter, on Buckingham Palace letterhead, 8" x 13". Dated, "7th October, 1981" signed by both Prince Charles and Princess Diana as "Charles", in black ink and and "Diana", in blue ink. Expected folds. Fine condition. With accompanying envelope, with the Buckingham Palace stamp on the verso. 8.5" x 4.25", opened at the top and postmarked "London/7 Oct 1981", addressed to "S. Parkyn, Esq".A wonderful letter thank you letter from Prince Charles and Princess Diana for their wedding gift from the Duchy. Dated "7th October 1981". Duchy's are "Crown bodies", regulated by acts of Parliament that have some of the powers of a corporation or trust. They invest in land, their income is payable either to the Monarch or the Monarchs eldest son. There are two Duchy's in England, however the Duchy referred to in this letter is the one from which holds the trust for Prince Charles, the Duchy of Cornwall which currently owns about 141,000 acres of land in England. It is estimated that Prince Charles receives his trust from The Duchy of Cornwall, with an annual income of nearly ?£12 million from his Duchy of Cornwall estate, however he is not permitted to sell off property or use the Duchy's capital. The thank you letter from Prince Charles and Princess Diana reflects their deep affection for the Duchy which is written as follows:"Dear Mr. Parkyn,We would both like to thank you very much indeed for your most kind contribution to the wedding present which the Duchy has given us.We are delighted with the mahogany library table which will look splendid in our home at Highgrove and is exactly the right period for the house. We were also most touched to received the balance of the gift in the form of a cheque with which we shall probably buy some more furniture. As you can well imagine, with two houses to equip from scratch we have quite a difficult task ahead of us!We have been completely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity which so many people have shown us, but as you know we will have a very special affection for the Duchy and all those who live and work in it and we therefor particularly appreciate your gift. We look forward very much to visiting the Duchy together in the future.Yours most sincerely,Charles and Diana"The Duchy of Cornwall is a well-managed private estate, which was established by Edward III in 1337. The revenues from the estate are passed to HRH The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, who chooses to use them to fund his public, charitable and private activities and those of his family. The Duchy consists of around 53,000 hectares of land in 23 counties, mostly in the South West of England. The principal activity of the Duchy is the sustainable, commercial management of its land and properties. The Duchy also has a financial investment portfolio., and its primary function was to provide all future Princes of Wales with an income from its assets. The Duke of Cornwall traditionally manages their estates under the charter that the long term value of the estate can not be compromised.The Duchy's 1337 charter established that The Duke of Cornwall, is the eldest surviving son of the monarch and the Heir to The Throne (currently and still Charles, Prince of Wales). When the current Prince of Wales accedes the throne, Prince William will become Duke of Cornwall.An important thank you letter written by Prince Charles and Princess Diana, to an entity that has looked after The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall for almost 700 years! University Archives
Jackie Kennedy Iconic Black Satin Clutch Purse
Kennedy Jacqueline \n\nJackie Kennedy Iconic Black Satin Clutch Purse, Owned & Used - from her Favorite Designer, Christian Dior\n\nChristian Dior Fold-Over black satin clutch,owned and used by Jackie Kennedy, with three compartments and bow, signed "Christian Dior" stamped in gold. 7 x 9 inches. Surface grime, wear. Christian Dior was one of Jackie's favorite designers. Her famous pink dress and white glove outfit for a 1962 dinner was Dior.\n\nProvenance: James H. Boyer, Sr., US Capitol Police Officer. Boyer's duties included chauffeuring President Kennedy with John J. ''Muggsy'' O'Leary (Kennedy's top secret serviceman). Boyer had also been personally hired by Jackie as the Kennedy's handyman. Included is a signed certificate from a direct descendant of Boyer.\n\nFounded in 1946 by the eponymous designer Christian Dior, the fashion company, commonly known as Dior, is a French luxury goods company. Today the company designs and retails ready-to-wear, leather goods, fashion accessories, footwear, jewelry, timepieces, fragrance, make-up, and skincare products while also maintaining its tradition as a creator of recognized haute-couture under the Christian Dior Couture division.\n\nWE PROVIDE IN-HOUSE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. University Archives
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