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Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 (1987)

Lowered price from €69.950 -> €64.950 - Engine number: 63H02051 - 231hp - Complete history - 2 owners - With open roof With the 911’s future ensured, 1984 saw the launch of a replacement for the successful SC series. It was the model year 1984 911 3.2 Carrera, reviving the Carrera name for the first time since 1975. The 911 3.2 Carrera was the last iteration in the original 911 series, with all subsequent models featuring new body styling with new brake, electronic and suspension technologies. A new higher displacement motor, a 3.2 liter horizontally opposed flat-6, was utilized. At the time Porsche claimed it was 80% new. The brake discs were increased in size to aid in more effective heat dissipation and improved oil-fed chain tensioners were fitted to the engine. To improve oil cooling, a finned cooler replaced the serpentine lines in the front passenger fender well. This was further improved in 1987, with the addition of a thermostatically controlled fan. Three basic models were available throughout the Carrera years – coupe, targa and cabriolet. When launched in 1984 in the United States, the prices of the 911 Carrera lineup were $31,950 for the coupe, $33,450 for the targa and $36,450 for the cabriolet. Almost indistinguishable from the SC, external clues are the front fog lights, which were integrated into the front valance in the Carrera. Very modest cosmetic changes were made throughout the lifespan of the Carrera, with a redesigned dash featuring larger air conditioning vents appearing in 1986. In 1984, Porsche also introduced the M491 option. Officially called the Supersport in the UK, it was commonly known as the "Turbo-look". It was a style that resembled the Porsche 930 Turbo with wide wheel arches and the distinctive "tea tray” tail. It featured the stiffer turbo suspension and the superior turbo braking system as well as the wider turbo wheels. Sales of the Supersport were particularly strong for its first two years in the United States because the desirable 930 was not available. Total production of the 911 3.2 Carrera series was 76,473 cars (35,670 coupé, 19,987 cabrio, 18,468 targa). Specifications - _Bodywork_ - Length : cm (in): 429 (168.9) - Width : cm (in): 165 (65) - Height : cm (in): 131 (52) - Wheelbase : cm (in) : 227 (89.4) - Weight: kg (lb) : 1210 (2671) - _Mechanics._ - Displacement : flat six 3164 cc (193 ci), rear-mounted - Valve gear : 12 - Fuel system : Bo L-Jet fuel inj - Gearbox : 5-speed, manual (G type) - Driven wheels : rear-wheel drive - Maximum power : 231 bhp at 5900 rpm - Maximum torque : 286 Nm at 4800 rpm - Top speed : 245 km/h (152 mph)Read more

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51 500 GBP

Mercedes-Benz 300 SE lang (1964)

Diese elegante 300 SEL Limousine wurde am 11. September 1964 auf Ihren Erstbesitzer, eine erfolgreiche Autobahn-Raststätten betreibende Gesellschaft im Kreis Limburg/Lahn ausgeliefert. Im März 1970 kam der Wagen zu einem Schausteller im Raum Neuburg an der Donau in Bayern, der die elegante Limousine schon nach 8 Tagen gewinnbringend an einen Textilkaufmann in Obernau verkaufte. Am 17. Juli 1970 wurde der Wagen abgemeldet und seine Spur verlor sich. Darum freuen wir uns umso mehr, dass wir diesen sich in weitest gehendem Originalzustand befindliche Fahrzeug erwerben konnten. Diverse Anbauten wie Talbot-Spiegel auf den Kotflügeln, eine abnehmbare Anhängerkupplung, ein beleuchtetes D-Schild oder eine dicke rote Nebelschussleuchte dokumentieren den Zeitgeist der späten 1960er und 1970er Jahre in besonderem Maße. Nur 72.465 km sind auf dem Tachometer abzulesen und die damals so begehrte teure Velourspolsterung, befindet sich in einem Zustand, den man kaum glauben kann. Nicht abgesessen, nur ein kleiner Riss in einer Naht, sonst in tollem Zustand. Ein kaum zu findendes Original und Dokument unserer Zeitgeschichte. Ein Restaurierungsobjekt mit ganz besonderem Charme. This elegant 300 SEL Limousine was delivered on September 11, 1964 to your first owner, a successful motorway restaurant company operating in the district of Limburg / Lahn. In March 1970, the car came to a showman in Neuburg on the Danube in Bavaria area, who sold the elegant limousine to a textile businessman in Obernau after only eight days. On July 17, 1970 the car was deregistered and its track lost. This is why we are glad that we have been able to purchase this very original vehicle. Various attachments such as Talbot mirrors on the mudguards, a removable trailer hitch, an illuminated D-shield or a rear fog-light document the time-spirit of the late 1960s and 1970s in particular. Only 72.465 km can be read on the tachometer and the expensive velour padding, which was in good condition. Only a small crack in a seam, otherwise in great condition. An very rare original car of our time. A restoration property with a very special charm. ----powered by two SRead more

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23 000 GBP

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