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ART IN HOUSE is an auction house located in Warsaw, Poland.

Through its sales ART IN HOUSE particularly promotes the Polish art scene, selling works of established artists as well as emerging talent.

Anita Wolszczak, a specialist in Art History, lends her expertise to the works of art. As an art historian, curator, editor, interior designer and specialist in conservation techniques Anita plays many different roles within ART IN HOUSE.

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acrylic on canvas - 80 x 100 cm - Bilecka Marta - A graduate of Academy of Fine Art in Lodz at the faculty of graphics and paintings. She mostly uses acrylic. Her creations are focused on human's existance (but not only). She participates in many domestic and foreigh exhibitions. Art in House
acrylic and oil on canvas - 80/120 cm - 2016 - Sabina Maria Grzyb - Born 1988. Born on Valentine’s Day in 1988. A graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. A certified stylist-designer attire. Winner of painting competitions and competitions for young fashion designers. Author of several solo exhibitions. Her paintings are in private collections in Poland and abroad. Art in House
Micha? Jankowski, The Doctor, 2009
Micha? Jankowski is a graduate of the Institute of Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Zielona Góra. EXHIBITIONS: individual exhibitions: - 2018 ? ?Ryba psujensi? od g?owy?, Galeria BWA, Zielona Góra. - 2017 ? ?Strup?, Galeria StrefArt, ?ory. - 2014 ? ?GOOD NIGHT? ZAK/BRANICKA galerie, Berlin. - 2011 ? ?Astronauts? ZAK/BRANICKA galerie, Berlin. - 2010 ? ?Spocone ?ciany?, Kunsthandel Hubertus Hoffschild und der Galerie ?ak/Branicka, Lubeka. - 2009 ? ?Jutrzenka?, Galeria Kronika, Bytom. - 2008 ? ?Fat Trout?, ZAK/BRANICKA galerie, Berlin. Group exhibitions: - 2017 ? ?Entuzjazm ju? min???, Fundacja Salony, Zielona Góra. - 2016 ? ?Zasady Przyjemno?ci?, Terminal 08, Gorzów Wielkopolski. - 2015 ? ?Tu jeste?my?, Galeria BWA, Zielona Góra. - 2015 ? ?Vom Grossen und Ganzen?, Gerisch-Stiftung, Neumunster. - 2014/15 - Bittersüße Zeiten. Barock und Gegenwart in der Sammlung SØR Rusche Berlin/Oelde in the Kunsthaus Stade in Stade. - 2013 ? ?BRITISH BRITISH POLISH POLISH: Sztuka kra?ców Europy, d?ugie lata 90. i dzi??, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa. - 2013 ? ?Parasol w prosektorium?, Galeria Salon Akademii, Warszawa. - 2012 ? ?SUPE??, Galeria Format, Warszawa. - 2012 - ?Eros & Thanatos? SØR Rusche Sammlung, Werkschauhalle, Leipzig. - 2011 ? ?Polish! Contemporary art from Poland""; Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. - 2011 ? ?Naughty Children of Alfred Jarry? Real World Gallery, London; Galerie Story Hotel, Berlin. - 2009 ? ?Menschenbilder 1620/2009 ? Zeitgenossische Bildnisse begegnen alten niderlandischen Portraits? Museum Abtei Liesborn, Wadersloh. - 2009 ? ?Kto mnie widzi? nic nie s?ysz??, Galeria Studio, Warszawa Art in House
Joanna Misztal, Mistletoe, 2018
Joanna Misztal is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroc?aw, Faculty of Ceramics and Glass. She studied painting under guidance of prof. K. Jarodzki. Fondness for spatial matter can be seen in all her works. Very thick and varied texture, she often uses different shades of gold, that gives a specific and unique design in her paintings. Her works are in private collections in the country abroad. Art in House
acrylic on canvas - 100/100 cm - Jankowska Zuzanna - Born in 1991 in Warsaw. In 2016 she graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the graphic faculty. Involved in painting and computer graphic. Her works are characterized by realism and geometric features. They are often humorous, metaphoric, unconventional and symbolic. Art in House
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