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ART IN HOUSE is an auction house located in Warsaw, Poland.

Through its sales ART IN HOUSE particularly promotes the Polish art scene, selling works of established artists as well as emerging talent.

Anita Wolszczak, a specialist in Art History, lends her expertise to the works of art. As an art historian, curator, editor, interior designer and specialist in conservation techniques Anita plays many different roles within ART IN HOUSE.

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acrylic and oil on canvas - 80/120 cm - 2016 - Dariusz Grajek - Born and residing in Poznan. Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Degree in painting with prof. Andrew Forester. He practices painting and drawing. Painting is my form of expression. By joining the painting if I go to war. I'm taking with them weapons. I try not to take "prisoners" only purify my field and try to win this thing! It's something I define in different ways. Once strong colors colors asceticism another time. By entering into a white canvas I never know how and when this adventure is over. Painting is the path into the unknown, which probably will never have an end. The work is in many domestic and foreign collections. Art in House
The way to my secret
Bogusławski Wit, b. 1960, oil on canvas, 130 x 160 cm Artist born in 1960. He graduated from the University of Fine Arts Mimar Sinan in Instanbul. He practices both oil painting and drawing. Art in House
Ludwin Krzysztof, 'Urban composition of Cracow', 50/120 cm, 19.7/47.3 in
Permanent technique on canvas. Ludwin Krzysztof (b. 1962). Born in Cracow. The most famous, world class Polish aquarelist. He studied at University of Technology in Cracow (1981-1987), Faculty of Architecture, and also at Faculty of Industrial Design at Academy fo Fine Arts (1987-1988). From 1995 to 2006 he worked at Faculty of Architecture, Department of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. In 2002 he published album containing his works, named "Cracow in watercolour". From 2003 to 2004 he taught hand drawing for his Bachelor Degree at Faculty of Industrial Forms at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. In 2006 he obtained doctoral thesis, title: "Architectural sketches in watercolor techniques. History and present day". From 2006 Krzysztof Ludwin teaches architectural design as a lecturer at Institute of Architectural Design at the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology in Cracow. He is involved in easel painting, specialising in watercolour, he's also involved in architecture design. He is a member of Association of Polish Artists and Designers. Creator and member of Association of Polish Watercolour Painters. In 2011 he published a coursebook "Learning of watercolour painting". Participant of numerous exhibitions and open air paintings. Art in House
1709-31 101588 Fangor Wojciech Summit NY fot.Cz.Czaplinski
Czesław Czapliński - a worldwide known photographer, journalist and documentaries author, that was born in Łódź in 1953. Since 1979 he lives in New York and Warsaw. During his 40 years of career, he photographed the most well-known personalities from the world of business, culture, politics and sport. Nowadays he directs documentaries, for example:„Czarodziej z Łazienek Królewskich" (eng.the wizard of the Royal Baths) awarded the Golden Copernicus in 2014. His works are included in the collections of the Library of Congress in Washington, the New York Public Library and many others. Art in House
acrylic on canvas - 120/80 cm - 2016 - Lech Bator - Born in 1986. He studied at European Academy of Arts in Warsaw under guidance of Franciszek Starowieyski, Antoni Fałat. In 2010 he finished studies at the course of graphic design. He creates graphic compositions, collages painted on canvas. In his work the artist refers to comic style and graffiti. He participated in solo exhibitions in Poland and abroad, his works can be found in private collections not only in Poland. Art in House
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