Italo 900 came out from an experience for passion that has been handed down and today is a wide space outside Milan addressed to the enthusiasts of the 1900’, such as the merchants, interior designers and collectors.
Here it is possible to find vintage furniture and rarities in large quantities, from authors’ signature pieces to unknown ones.
For them every piece has its own content and is chosen so that customers, in placing it, can express their own living-space philosophy.
Buying vintage furnitures, beyond being a strong passion full of memories that belong to their past, is also a possible investment. Indeed Italo 900 offers to its private clients the possibility of recovering half of their spendings, in case the client would like to buy a new piece of furniture with a major value.
Having long-lasting experience Italo900 can follow their clients and help them in solving every kind of problem linked to this area: from restoration, to upholstery, to the pieces’ delivery, etc.
They also offers a rental service (please see the conditions).

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Italo900 di Enzio Wenk
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