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o.T. (yellow sculpture fitting to soccer ball), 1998 - Hans Hemmert

o.T. (yellow sculpture fitting to soccer ball), 6/7, 1998 Edition of 7 Cibachrome, sealed between 8 mm Plexiglas, 100 x 75 cm, 18 kg © Hans Hemmert / Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2017 Hans Hemmert: The Invisible Materiality Of Air In the following series, Home-Frame II, composed of 21 colour photographs, the yellow latex membrane is an outer form that contains “air” and “artist” in its interior. The artist’s relationship with the external is mediated by the great yellow ball in which he is enclosed. His are everyday actions: going up a staircase, tugging on a rope, sitting on a Vespa, embracing his daughter Julie... Despite the simplicity of the actions, his second skin makes him clumsy and slow: each movement, each attempt to hold on to an object is destined to failure, to fall. Its respective titles (“latex-air-artist- fitting to...”) prefigure with ironic resignation the inevitable disaster. The photographic series Home-Frame II sets the sculptural work in a succession of brief, subtly comic scenes, in relentlessly absurd fragments where the factuality of the image eludes any effect of rhetoric. It is perhaps this vein of refined and conceptual humour, and the precision and immediacy of his plastic language, the drawbridge that Hans Hemmert throws to the Anglo-Saxon tradition of modern sculpture, and which relates him to artists like Tony Cragg, Julian Opie and Mona Hatoum and the denominated “freeze generation”. Anna Cestelli GuidiRead more

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Blind Drawing 10, 2015, Unique Collector's Piece - Paola Telesca

Blind Drawing 10, 2015 Red pencil drawing on paper Without frame 20 x 20 cm, with frame 32 x 32 cm Maple frame, black painted, 10/25 A triple Passepartout, 3mm UV Plexiglas, closed framing, hanging strip Blind Drawings The cycle "Blind Drawings" is another movement study by the Italian artist Paola Telesca in her search of form reduction. By means of form reduction, the artist creates a whole work of art with only a few lines and strokes. The renouncement of color allows her to focus on form interrelationships in the work. Telesca likes to draw in the dark, at theatrical and stage events. The artist compares the concentration, in the way she moves the strokes without looking at the paper, with the concentration, required in a simultaneous translation. Telesca considers the blind drawing as a kind of simultaneous, stenographic recording of the movement on paper. With the technique "blind drawing", the artist doesn´t strive for the realistic depiction of the motive. The drawing’s quality is being characterized exclusively by the expressiveness of the lines. Besides, the artist doesn´t control, what she draws on the paper. The lines are spontaneous and self-confident. The usual correction of the drawing falls away with the technique “blind drawing”. The story, which the lines recount in its minimalistic form, creates a narrative structure.Read more

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