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Ne l’imagine mia X, Oil on Canvas, Original (2016) - Pietro Finelli

Ne l’imagine mia X, 2016 Oil on Canvas 112 X 152,5 cm Through an interdisciplinary and transversal approach, Finelli deepens the link between European pictorial tradition and contemporary painting, and makes it his way transposing film language on the canvas. Thus he explores the existing dialogue between painting-cinema and life-cinema and studies the mechanisms of vision, image creation, and light use. Beyond the explicit reference of the cinematic imagination, we find baroque traces in Pietro Finelli’s works: his painting is the painting of the dark, dark black, obtained for velvet and oil-colored passages. They are the effects of artificial light applied through Chiaroscuro technique (a painting technique developed in the late Renaissance and Baroque periods) to reveal the presence of human figures by trimming their silhouettes in backlight. The black and white of American Noir becomes a mystery lighting the artist's intentions. It is a real immersion into a dark universe, anxiety that passes through the power of each single image. In the artist's painting, we find the eternal obsession of blackness that unites many artists in their interpretation and historical diversity - Caravaggio, De Ribera, Rembrandt, Goya, Odilon Redon, Manet, Burri - forced to surrender to the rigor imposed by the color of absence : The non-color, in which only a great technical skill can find nuances and vibrations.Read more

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Takht Singh, Maharaja di Jodhpur, Original (2010) - Andrea Zucchi

Takht Singh, Maharaja di Jodhpur (after an unidentified photographer), 2010 70 x 50 cm, without frame Ballpoint pen on parchment paper Cycle "Geishas, Pyramiden & Maharajas" The cycle "Geishas, Pyramids & Maharaja" by Andrea Zucchi presents a series of works in which the artist translates 800 old photographs from the 19th and 20th century into drawings and turns the black and white originals into an eccentric chromaticism. The cycle is a tribute to the great invention of 1938, the indispensable writing aid of today, of which more than 100 billion pieces have been sold: the ballpoint pen. In this series of drawings Zucchi re-interprets with a blue ballpoint pen on parchment paper three exotic themes: the subtle grace of the Japanese geishas, the mystery of the pyramids of Egypt, and the lush splendor of the Indian Maharaja. "After selecting a photograph, Zucchi traces it using a Bic ballpoint pen, strictly blue. This is a technique that was used by such artists as Alighiero Boetti and Jan Fabre. Through a more analytic process of drawing [...] he obtains a new image copied from the photograph. This drawing becomes the “pattern” for creating a painting by altering the ghost - the ever phantasmal character of the old photographs whose linear features are preserved in the graphic image ..." Sergio Risaliti, Fondazione Stelline, MilanRead more

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