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Gold Plexiglass Chinese Ship with Ruby Sapphire
Each sculpture is crafted by hand and electroplated with a secret technique. You can see the great detail and craftsmanship. It takes 36 months and more than 25 steps to complete one piece, making each one unique and meaningful. The sculpture comes in a beautiful Glass display and is the perfect way to show your everlasting love for your significant other or friends. Sculpture Dimensions :Height 8 X Width 20. Weight: 17 LBS. House of Treasure
Charming Handcrafted Cat with Baby Telling Stories
This Charming Hand Crafted Bronze Is A Wonderful Example Of The Vienna Bronze Sculptures That Were Produced In The 19Th And Early 20Th Century. These Great Sculptures Are Collected Items Due To The Often Of A Humorous Nature And Their Great Attention To Detail. The Bronze On Hand Shows A Sitting Cat Reading A Book. Bronze dimensions with marble base: Height 8 X Width 4 inches. Weight: 5 lbs. House of Treasure
Wall Mount Relief Roman Girl Bronze Figurine
This beautiful wall piece depicts a the profile a young woman. Her expression is solemn. Freshly blossomed flowers surround the whole piece. Her hair hare is styled in soft waves. This elegant piece will add class and style to any living room, dining room or parlor. The piece wax crafted using the lost wax method. Bronze Dimensions: Height 9 X Width 9 inches. Weight: 6 LBS. House of Treasure
Federic Remington~THE SCALP~Bronze Statue on Marble
Proud, resilient, strong and a fierce warrior, this Native American watches over his land and tribe. Great attention to detail was paid to his clothing. Most Indian men did not use shirts, but he wears a breech cloth- a long rectangular piece of hide or cloth tucked over his belt, which hangs in the front and back. He also wears moccasins. Mounted on his horse, he turns his head toward the sky and holds up a feather. His gaze is almost pleading.100% bronze and fully handmade, this carefully detailed sculpture is in a two-toned brown patina and was cast using the "Lost Wax Method" and mounted on a marble base and is signed Frederic Remington. Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition. Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 10" x Width 9" Marble Dimensions: Diameter 7" Height without base: 9" Weight : 7 LBS Inventory 39-631004593 House of Treasure
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